Wednesday, June 11, 2014


Hellooooo fam and friends!!! It has been so long! Too long!

We have been doing great! Hubby and I are a bit tired but we are all doing so well. We are enjoying being a family of six!! And the littles, as you will see in the pics to follow, have become... siblings. Quick siblings. They love each other, they have toy tiffs with each other, they protect each other, serve each other, they help each other, laugh together, joke together, be silly together, push each others' buttons, and get to be siblings together forever. What a blessing! And baby girl has THREE big brothers to protect her... do I need to say, what a blessing, again? ;)

We have been busy homeschooling, playing, going to parks, playing in the backyard, celebrating birthdays, spending time with family and some friends, and hope to get to spend more time with loved ones too. There are always "days" and things to work through, but God has been faithful in walking with us every day.

I can be a liiiittle long-winded, but that is because I love talking about my people. ;) So I will stop "talking" and just show you a few (and I mean I have thousands of pics that maybe I'll get to posting to have them all on our online scrapbook :)) for now! I have been posting a lot of quick pics on Facebook and Instagram (my name is ncfmama) since we've been back, so hopefully I can get back in a blogging groove too. :) And I know some wanted to hear more about so many things, so hopefully I'll get to it all soon! Hugs to all of you and I hope to get back to catching up with all of you soon!

(In no particular order, just a few ;), from the past several months :-))

 photo 7433cc70-b174-4d86-b523-a8c349a5b537_zpsd7432ecc.jpg  photo 8483e276-4abf-4cff-9a49-bb0704223825_zpsfcbf47cf.jpg  photo 8879b906-cc97-49a2-9dcb-fae8743fa5dd_zps144d9895.jpg  photo ba1cb797-8de6-40ab-bb0f-7d4d6d6385d8_zps68d9829c.jpg  photo 07632122-3527-41ce-9d80-1d0fbb60007d_zpsf2ef19c3.jpg  photo 688932be-691f-48a1-9daa-3a46cb89adac_zps31f6a210.jpg  photo 9558a997-8539-4cab-91e7-1d5490aa6e63_zpsc56a331c.jpg  photo 461f2df8-3ad8-45cd-a8f8-cbd74dda85d8_zps6cdcb13c.jpg  photo 429aa98f-8385-448c-b5d0-35d91335cc4f_zps745c266b.jpg  photo 5df81c1b-e857-4564-80db-94601fb5f19e_zpsace0e63c.jpg  photo c941309e-4e72-4aa8-826b-04636d8935d1_zps5fc61809.jpg  photo 3707f4f1-2b09-49d0-94de-0cdb237a986b_zpsdb50e5d7.jpg  photo ad88fc21-7769-4157-bb72-9ce6df1f681a_zps0336872e.jpg  photo 940cb21c-5764-43d4-a00b-6662898d6b7a_zps3107e2d5.jpg  photo e5c4c3a5-a5e3-480b-b28f-45268253293c_zpsc6f34258.jpg  photo 451f1b26-4942-4420-92e0-9401601f2f42_zps6849b96c.jpg  photo 0a4b5bd9-b872-497b-b6de-85dd4651c978_zps12c7b0b6.jpg  photo 9e2e5757-c802-4b3b-ae82-16343a19dd78_zpsb3813574.jpg  photo c2c32fbc-7930-48e1-8ec1-329448c3f89d_zpsb39530ad.jpg

I hope you have a great day!!


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