Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Daddy's Day 2013

This Daddy...

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Best. Daddy. Ever!!!

We are beyond blessed by his leadership, wisdom, love, silliness, compassion, sensitivity, hard work, priorities, and the full on, hands on Daddy that he is (and I'm pretty confident... positive... he has changed even more of our little peoples' diapers than I have! :))!

 photo IMG_6388_zpsfa744eaf.jpg
{Notice HM poking BabyBoy! ;-)}

 photo IMG_6380_zps0088f89b.jpg
{"Happy Daddy's Day, Daddy!"}

 photo IMG_6381_zpscd71bbcf.jpg  
{Kisses for Daddy! Oh the tiptoes! I love it :)}

 photo IMG_6422_zpsa4f78c53.jpg

We had a low key day and went to some sweet friends' house for dinner. And I made a cake to bring along. I was trying some more new things and knew they wouldn't mind being experimented on. :-)

 photo IMG_6431_zpsf594057e.jpg

Here is what the babies gave Hubby for Daddy's Day this year. It is so neat! He LOVED it!

View the entire collection of cards.
(you can put your cursor over the mug and move it to see the whole mug! Isn't that neat?!)

And because Daddy keeps us silly!

   photo IMG_6428_zpsfa8f7bc5.jpg
{Most everyone decided jumping was silly :) Love them!}

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Cajun Cowgirl said...

So sweet! And great looking cake!

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