Saturday, June 22, 2013

10 Years Ago!

10 years ago, June 8, 2003, we had the most incredible day, committing our lives to each other and our marriage to Him!

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I am so thankful for our marriage and my Hubby that amazes me daily.
I love our marriage and that we are never afraid to talk to each other about anything.
I love that every tough circumstance we have had to face has brought us nothing but closer and increased our faith and trust in Him more than we thought possible.
I love that every year continues to be more amazing than the last. Even with the tough parts, we get to learn together, grow together, and disciple our little people together.
I love that even though I don't believe him, he tells me every single day, without fail, that I am beautiful (and hot ;)).
I love that we want to spend as much time together and with our family as much as possible.
I love that we are best friends.

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In the past 10 years we have...
  1. Moved 9 times. Including across the country.
  2. Had 3 little ones. 1 very high risk pregnancy. 1 little one in the NICU after surgery following delivery. And 1 misscarriage in between our boys.
  3. Traveled to Scotland and London before we had any of our littles.
  4. Almost gotten a puppy/dog so many times and it hasn't been the right time yet. :) How have we walked out of a shelter that many times without a puppy?? ;)
  5. Watched a lot of shows and munched on a lot of snacks in the evenings after the babies are in bed. (Currently - Psych, Suits, Burn Notice, Storm Chasers, The Voice, haven't caught all the Modern Families. We finished Parks and Rec.) 
  6. Served in and outside of our church together.
  7. Entered into the roller coaster ride of the adoption process and are waiting to add our newest little one to our family.
  8. Played a lot of tennis together.
  9. Been through some tough situations that have brought us to a new place of faith in Him and nothing but a stronger relationship with each other.
  10. Assumed our marriage motto: Newlyweds Forever. It is even engraved in our (matching ;)) watches along with our names and wedding date. And we continue to pray that it is always like that.
Best 10 years ever!!!

I know I keep posting this pic each year, but it is truly one of our favorites because it just shows the sheer joy, fun, and love we experienced that day and have every day since.

 photo 00000030-001_zps5f7a99b0.jpg

Newlyweds Forever!!!

   photo IMG_6216-001_zps0fb47c77.jpg

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