Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Daddy's Day 2013

This Daddy...

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Best. Daddy. Ever!!!

We are beyond blessed by his leadership, wisdom, love, silliness, compassion, sensitivity, hard work, priorities, and the full on, hands on Daddy that he is (and I'm pretty confident... positive... he has changed even more of our little peoples' diapers than I have! :))!

 photo IMG_6388_zpsfa744eaf.jpg
{Notice HM poking BabyBoy! ;-)}

 photo IMG_6380_zps0088f89b.jpg
{"Happy Daddy's Day, Daddy!"}

 photo IMG_6381_zpscd71bbcf.jpg  
{Kisses for Daddy! Oh the tiptoes! I love it :)}

 photo IMG_6422_zpsa4f78c53.jpg

We had a low key day and went to some sweet friends' house for dinner. And I made a cake to bring along. I was trying some more new things and knew they wouldn't mind being experimented on. :-)

 photo IMG_6431_zpsf594057e.jpg

Here is what the babies gave Hubby for Daddy's Day this year. It is so neat! He LOVED it!

View the entire collection of cards.
(you can put your cursor over the mug and move it to see the whole mug! Isn't that neat?!)

And because Daddy keeps us silly!

   photo IMG_6428_zpsfa8f7bc5.jpg
{Most everyone decided jumping was silly :) Love them!}

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

New York for a Night

A couple months ago my sister played at Carnegie Hall in New York and Hubby and I drove up to support her and watch her play.

My Dad flew in and we tried to pack as much time together as we could in about 24 hours! My mom was so sweet and amazing and took time off of work to be with the babies. And she is so amazing with them!

We ate, walked, performanced, and then on my birthday!, Hubby and I got standby tickets for Jimmy Fallon!!  You can see us in the audience many times! ;) We'll sign autographs anytime.

We were initially going to leave in the morning but with my Lucy-like scheming, Hubby agreed to try to get tickets. :) He is so good to me!

We were first in the standby line and got standby tickets #1 and 2! The guest was Bill Cosby!! We had to try! Then we had to come back later that afternoon to see if they had seats. So we watched around, went back, waited and waited, and got in!

It was such a fun experience! And a fun birthday together!

Now I will shower you with New York for a Night pics ;)

 photo 20130409_162914-1_zps2deb1e4c.jpg  photo 20130409_130831_zpsa3fbb575.jpg
{First order of business - lunch :) At Katz's Deli!}

 photo 20130409_131510_zpsb3f724d6.jpg  photo 20130409_151844_zpsa1826cd0.jpg
{We visited the 9/11 memorial. Incredible to see. Will never forget.}

 photo 20130409_173449_zps31f2601b.jpg
{Dressed and ready to see my sister play at Carnegie Hall!}

 photo 20130409_174432_zps1710d377.jpg
{Doesn't everybody dress up to ride the subway? ;)}

 photo 20130409_174737_zpsb0eb1a0f.jpg
{Hot Hubby riding the subway :)}

 photo 20130409_225359_zpsfd057a42.jpg  photo 20130409_181055_zps31634e9c.jpg
{Ready for her big performance!}

 photo IMG_20130410_075635_zps70d7a754.jpg
{You better believe we were first in line!! ;-)}

 photo IMG_20130410_154527_zps111d6cb2.jpg
{#1 and 2, baby!}

 photo 20130410_100327_zps26e3ea8c.jpg
{Breakfast with everybody before everyone headed out. From left to right: Sister's mom and her husband, sister's husband, me and Hubby, and my Dad}

 photo IMG_20130410_202424_zps4888c466.jpg
{We got tickets!! ;)}

 photo IMG_20130410_160016_zps206bbd0d.jpg  photo IMG_20130410_160228_zpsa954d66d.jpg  photo 20130411_010212_zpsead2e7fa.jpg

We can't find the full episode anymore, we were going to pause it and take pics of us in the audience..dorks. ;)

It was a great quick trip to see my sister and watch her perform, have some hang time with my Dad, and get to spend a little time with just the two us.

Saturday, June 22, 2013

10 Years Ago!

10 years ago, June 8, 2003, we had the most incredible day, committing our lives to each other and our marriage to Him!

 photo 00000038-007_zps0a493314.jpg

I am so thankful for our marriage and my Hubby that amazes me daily.
I love our marriage and that we are never afraid to talk to each other about anything.
I love that every tough circumstance we have had to face has brought us nothing but closer and increased our faith and trust in Him more than we thought possible.
I love that every year continues to be more amazing than the last. Even with the tough parts, we get to learn together, grow together, and disciple our little people together.
I love that even though I don't believe him, he tells me every single day, without fail, that I am beautiful (and hot ;)).
I love that we want to spend as much time together and with our family as much as possible.
I love that we are best friends.

 photo 00000094-003_zps93417e1b.jpg

In the past 10 years we have...
  1. Moved 9 times. Including across the country.
  2. Had 3 little ones. 1 very high risk pregnancy. 1 little one in the NICU after surgery following delivery. And 1 misscarriage in between our boys.
  3. Traveled to Scotland and London before we had any of our littles.
  4. Almost gotten a puppy/dog so many times and it hasn't been the right time yet. :) How have we walked out of a shelter that many times without a puppy?? ;)
  5. Watched a lot of shows and munched on a lot of snacks in the evenings after the babies are in bed. (Currently - Psych, Suits, Burn Notice, Storm Chasers, The Voice, haven't caught all the Modern Families. We finished Parks and Rec.) 
  6. Served in and outside of our church together.
  7. Entered into the roller coaster ride of the adoption process and are waiting to add our newest little one to our family.
  8. Played a lot of tennis together.
  9. Been through some tough situations that have brought us to a new place of faith in Him and nothing but a stronger relationship with each other.
  10. Assumed our marriage motto: Newlyweds Forever. It is even engraved in our (matching ;)) watches along with our names and wedding date. And we continue to pray that it is always like that.
Best 10 years ever!!!

I know I keep posting this pic each year, but it is truly one of our favorites because it just shows the sheer joy, fun, and love we experienced that day and have every day since.

 photo 00000030-001_zps5f7a99b0.jpg

Newlyweds Forever!!!

   photo IMG_6216-001_zps0fb47c77.jpg

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