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Our Story - The Proposal

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11 years ago on March 23, 2002 the man of my dreams proposed to me. {grin} And this is how it happened...

I love this story! ;)

We were hanging out, as usual, (and when we weren't together, we were talking on the phone, and being made fun of for it ;)), and Hubby asked if I wanted to go to his aunt and uncle's cabin down south in the mountains to hang out with some of his family and play games that Friday evening.

I love his family and it sounded like fun. I was in! And we just loved being together so definite yes. Now part of me might have thought something was a liiittle fishy, but I had also thought he might propose a couple times previously, so I wasn't about to start getting my hopes up again. ;) We were just going for a fun night, I convinced myself.

It was finally Friday March 23, 2002 and we drove on down a few hours to his aunt and uncle's cabin. (The first and only time we've been there!)

We pulled into the gravel driveway next to another car, and slowly we headed for the door. Hubby knew that car was supposed to be long gone by now, but I was in ignorant bliss and didn't know a thing. I thought I saw someone through the front door running into a room but I couldn't really make anything out.

Hubby opened the door for me (as always, a true gentleman) and I saw rose petals sprinkled from the door to a beautiful set table for two. {cue dropping jaw}

I couldn't begin to wipe the smile and giggle from my face and said, what is this??

He confessed that he had planned a dinner for us. Juuuust to have a special little time together. :)

He began walking me to a room, as he informed me there was a dress and entire outfit waiting on the bed for me to change into. It could have been a movie. {He had set it up with my mom, she had gathered a dress he mentioned, shoes, earrings, the whole ensemble} I was then instructed to wait in the room until he came to fetch me.

In the meantime! - As I was changing, Hubby was also to be changing but his cohorts in this evening endeavor were still in the cabin, when they were supposed to be long gone! Oh the moms, hehe. ;) They were to set everything up and begin the meal cooking to Hubby's specifications but since it took them longer to drive, they thought it would take us longer to drive too. Oh the moms. ;) So he was trying to hurry them out without me knowing, somehow a shoe flew out of the car and he had to run out and get it and then run back out because our moms' car got stuck in a ditch.

All the while, I was sitting of the edge of the bed, grinning from ear to ear. A beautiful outfit. Such a pretty table. Rose petals lining our walk. Just for a special evening. Remember no more inflated hopes here. ;)

Back to the story! So after he frantically got our moms and their car back on the gravel road, grabbed his shoe that was strewn from the car, he calmly came, knocked on the door, I softly said ready and he could probably hear my smile through the door, opened the door, took my hand, and guided me to a beautiful tiny table set for two.

There sat a boombox (we're so old ;)) set by the table that as he reached out to press play, told me he thought it would be fun to dance a little in between courses. (We love to dance together) And the songs, my favorites. Including Celine. Of course. :) After our first dance, Hubby went into the kitchen, as I sat unable to wipe the smile from my face, and brought in our first course. We munched on our salad, and talked, he was so calm.

We had barely finished our salad and he was ready to bring out the main course. ;) Hubby reached out his hand and we shared another dance, then took bites of our steak and sides (so yummy), and chatted some more. Hubby was still so smooth and calm. Almost too calm. ;) We had barely eaten half of our steak and Hubby quickly said, let's have dessert. Heheh! It still makes me giggle. What was he rushing for??

He cleared our plates and brought a couple pieces of a sweet cake to the table. It was a white frosted cake with a heart of sprinkles in the middle (my mom had made :)) and he had cut the heart out of the middle for each of us to share.

But before we took a scoop of cake on our forks, he said he had a letter to read me. He pulled a folded paper from his suit jacket pocket as I slightly raised my shoulders with a tilted head, and coyly smiled in wonderment. It was sweet. And romantic. Poetic. And beautiful. (He is such a good writer) Tears were streaming down my face as he got to the line that I would probably be crying at this point, at which point he looked up and we both laughed.

He finished reading this treasure, and began pulling a little box out of his pocket as he knelt down on one knee. (The box that he had stashed in the kitchen so I wouldn't feel it in his jacket pocket as we danced. He thought of everything :))

Through tears, smiles I didn't know could get so big, and giggling laughs, I said a big yes. We had a perfect hug and moment followed by one more dance and a few bites of cake before some of our families came back to spend the rest of the evening celebrating with us, and playing games.

It was a perfect evening. The silly things that almost gave it away in the beginning. The thoughtfulness of every detail. The rushing through dinner while still being so calm. The "mixed tape" cd and dancing. The celebrating with the family to which we'd be forever joined.


(And then came the almost year and a half engagement, that we would never, ever, recommend to anybody. ;-))

We were 21 and 22 and in so much love. And ALMOST 10 years later... Thirty... {muffled whisper} something ;) and even more in love than ever.

I just wish I had the pics from the evening and all of Hubby's instructions and diagrams for how to set everything up! :) But this was a pic from when I took Hubby out for dinner and dancing for his 21st birthday. ;)

 photo IMG2_zpsbf7753d6.jpg

Coming soon... more of Our Story.


Lauren said...

SOOOOOOOOOOOOO sweet!!!!!!!!! :)

Rebecca Jo said...

precious... those are the best memories...

I love there was a boom box :) I giggled :)

Jennifer said...

I love reading these stories!! How perfect and SO sweet. Thank you for sharing.

Renee said...

That is a great story.

Desiree Lynn said...

Oh tears! So wonderful and sweet.

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