Thursday, April 18, 2013

Helicopter Tour

We've gotten to go on some great field trips with our homeschool co-op! Our most recent one, all of the littles (and parents :)) got a tour of an emergency evacuation helicopter at our local airport, and to hear from the pilot, medic, and nurse that fly the missions! We didn't go up in the helicopter and I don't think we would have even if they offered! ;)

It was really neat to not only see the little ones get to go into the helicopter but also hear interesting details about what these wonderful individuals do in saving lives in our area and surrounding states.

We thought it was going to be great weather and it ended up being freezing and windy that day! Luckily we had coats in the car, except for me, but my sweet Hubby let me wear his coat. :) I am so so thankful that Hubby always rearranges his schedule so he can come on all of the field trips. He is such an amazing Daddy.

Our little people are in the green coats and Hubby (in the gray sweatshirt) is holding HM. ;) It was SO cold! :)

 photo IMG_3924_zps2fe29fde.jpg
{almost the whole group :)}

   photo IMG_3925_zpsfb5792cb.jpg
{The boys are excitedly waving a big military helicopter that flew by!}

   photo IMG_3927_zps84afc616.jpg
{The pilot and medic telling us details about the helicopter and their missions} 

Time to go in! Little was brave and went in first!

   photo IMG_3931_zpsfc152f52.jpg  photo IMG_3933_zps501ccb53.jpg  photo IMG_3936_zps5d1c3f76.jpg  photo IMG_3935-1_zps4ac7608e.jpg  photo IMG_3937-1_zpsfd00a983.jpg  photo IMG_3941-1_zps3b39ea8a.jpg  photo IMG_3944_zps98bd524d.jpg  photo IMG_3945_zps67f99fb1.jpg

Then we went inside and heard more information from the nurse, medic, and pilot. At the end they gave each of the littles a little pad of paper, pen, and chapstick with their logo on it; it was a fun favor takeaway. :) They were so proud. And HM loved it the most. She walks around with her little pad of paper and pen (oh dear! ;) we were a lil' more lax with #3 and pens... until she and her pen met the couch ;)) writing so intently with her little body bent down so close to the paper and her lil' head cocked in concentration, and then asking, "May you read it??" (the little words and phone number that are on it) Hehe, so cute!


Lindsey said...

This is so cool!!!! How awesome!

Elizabeth said...

What a cool field trip! How can you not love that! :)

Lauren said...

SO fun!!!! :)

Jennifer said...

Such a great field trip!!

Renee said...

How cool is that!

jeremy said...

Fantastic ride!

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