Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Snowy Smiles

Last week we got, "The biggest snow EVER!" Says our sweet littles... ages 5, 3, and 2. ;) It was about 6 inches. :)

This snow was the perfect packing snow. Not too soft and fluffly and not too hard and icy.

They got to sled in our backyard, i.e., Hubby pushing (or pulling) them as hard as he could down our slightly graded hill. ;) He is the best Daddy ever. Risking the cold wet snow in un-fun (word?) places for our babies.

They built a silly snowman with a carrot nose and blueberry eyes. Hubby is revolting against the all normal three stacked ball snowmen in favor of said snowman in pic to come :) He stands behind his claim that it is more realistic. ;) He just makes me laugh.

And who can get enough of some super cute snowy smiles? Not me! ;) I know, says the mama. hehe :)

 photo topost7_zpsa6fee925.jpg

First they got to take a look through Daddy's office window after they woke up!

 photo topost5_zps6696f8f5.jpg

Next on the agenda: sledding! Daddy HAD to make a sledding path for them. He is a snowy rocket! 

He has just as much fun as they do and loves introducing them to all of the fun things to do in the snow. 

 photo IMG_3727_zps5dfe3607.jpg  photo IMG_3737_zps213ff43c.jpg  photo IMG_3731_zps6214f85c.jpg
 photo IMG_3750_zps4f0d6380.jpg

Aforementioned snow...man making. :) Hubby says it looked like ET, haha. (You can see how much it was still snowing!)

   photo IMG_3763_zps1db35113.jpg photo IMG_3725_zps383f6694.jpg photo IMG_3776_zpsdf6b4be6.jpg  photo IMG_3791_zpscb29aa57.jpg

Who doesn't want to swing in the snow?

 photo IMG_3782_zpse8f3368e.jpg

Some pics from the tiny snow in late January too. That was much fluffier non-snowman making but gotta play in it and try to sled kind of snow. :)

   photo IMG_3206_zps7c1bfd9e.jpg photo topost4_zpsd377f223.jpg  photo IMG_3162_zps290a2fd4.jpg

And I had the very important job of some playing, picture and video taking, retrieving fresh clothes for post snow time, and preparing three little cups of traditional hot chocolate, and chili. ;) You can't hear all the laughing and me and Hubby screaming n' cheering them on as they sledded down our little slope.

Oh boy, I love my people.


Desiree Lynn said...

Brings back so many memories of growing up in Massachusetts. My daddy would always go outside with us and play while mom kept the dry clothes and hot chocolate coming!

Rebecca Jo said...

That's the joy of being a kid... wanting to play in snow. I just want to snuggle under blankets now :)

I love the picture of the kids in front of the window looking out - precious!

Virginia Belle said...

It looks like your sweet family definitely made the most of the the snow day. Looks like so much fun!

Lauren said...

absolutely adorable! love some cute little kiddos in the snow!

Christy said...

What pure joy on your kids & husband's faces! Looks like a blast & oh so fun.

Renee said...

Looks like so much fun!

Perfectly Imperfect said...

So I absolutely cannot STAND the snow, but there is not much cuter than a sweet little all bundled up in snow gear :) looks like the kiddos (and E!) had a blast!

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