Monday, March 18, 2013

My Boy!

As most of you know, I was an Orchestra Director, played in orchestras, chamber ensembles, had a string quartet that we gigged for weddings, parties, events, and even engagements :), and play for worship teams, and a friend's band. :) My main instrument is violin but as a music major we learned how to play all instruments (some better than others :)). I had and still have so much fun with it all.

When I was pregnant with BabyBoy, I was still teaching and playing more, and he got to hear my orchestras and rehearsals all the time, every day. All kinds of repertoire.

We have music in our house and car all the time, classical, christian, bible songs, and more. All of our littles love to sing and play all of the instruments we have collected so far and we look forward to some more serious learning soon.

BabyBoy is our oldest and he is a lil' musician from the tippy top of his hair to the bottom of his cute little boy feet. He has a great ear, beautiful voice (we have a video each year starting when he was 2 1/2 of him singing O Holy Night and so much more!), and a gift of music. He plays everyday, singing worship songs, makes up his own worship songs. And gets his little bro and sis playing and singing too. And we LOVE it.

The other day I finally went through with cutting BabyBoy's hair (semi-long story :)).

 photo IMG_3911-001_zps87afb54c.jpg  photo IMG_3910-001_zps8ebdcb88.jpg {Somehow the camera was on the wrong setting, oops!}

I clicked on the clippers and started at it. A few minutes in, I hear BabyBoy start humming.

You know when you use a machine and it makes a buzzing sound? If you are a super music dork ;), you hum the same note that you hear through the sustained tone of the machine and figure out what note it is!

BabyBoy was humming the same pitch the clippers was making!

So I started humming it too, and we both started cracking up. He is my boy!

We proceeded to sing the solfege scale (Do re mi or can sing with numbers 1-8 as well ;)), then I attempted for us to harmonize when I had him sing the fifth and I sang the third while the buzz of the clippers held the tonic.

I used to do that all the time and when a doorbell of a store went off, or a tone in the distance, or hum of a running object somewhere in ear's range, I would figure out what the interval and notes were. Music. Dork. ;)

For those who need to know... these clippers hum a B flat. ;-)

BabyBoy is so much like me, and he is only five years old! I keep saying I'm going to have to apologize to him later in life. ;-) But seriously, oh my goodness, he is awesome.

What a fun and memorable moment. I loved it. And I love BabyBoy's love and gift of music. We can't wait to see what God does with him. :) Proud mama ;)

   photo IMG_1575.jpg
{I haven't gotten an after pic yet, our poor sweet boys have had a stomach bug the past couple days :( This was from Thanksgiving :)}


Renee said...

That's awesome. I have no musical talent and I'd give anything to be able to do that.

Blue-Eyed Bride said...

You know I love this. What a gifted little boy! I'm hoping that Hudson picks up some of the music in me, but so far I'm not sure he can match pitch :)

You look gorgeous, friend! And teeny tiny!

Kimberley said...

what a fun post!! i didn't know, so it was nice to learn something new :) sounds like a fun job! i cannot carry a tune, so i'm a tad jealous :)

Sarah Baker said...

Love your shirt! Where did you find?

Rebecca Jo said...

I wish I had an ear for music... that's such a God given talent!

Hope the stomach bug gets out of your household soon! :(

Christy said...

What a complete blessing it is to have our little kidlets enjoy what we have passion for! It truly makes life beautiful & for us to enjoy the small things, like buzzing hair;)

Casa Cannon said...

cute shirt!

Perfectly Imperfect said...

Isn't it so fun seeing little pieces of you show up in your kids? I love watching E find a song she loves or just start dancing to the music in her head. I love that she gets a love for music from me. Proves she's mine ;)

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