Thursday, March 28, 2013


The first three favorites are from last month but we had to document them because we never want to forget the sweetness. :) It is so hard to pic a favorite because there are so many things but here they are, our/my favorites (because we're/I'm {self ;)} forced to pick just one for each ;)).

Our favorite thing that Littlest does right now is: Hop up and down swinging both of her arms back and forth as she jumps with a big ole laughing smile on her face. It is just pure natural happy. :)

 photo FB-Felts-Family-048_zps1068d6c8.jpg

Our  favorite thing that Little does is: When you ask him a question that he gets super excited about he squeals, "Yeees!" in the cutest way with the cutest inflection and when he adds raising his arms up to exclaim it with his hands too, oh the cuteness.

 photo Felts-Family-073_zps69d84202.jpg

Our favorite thing that BabyBoy does right now is: Explain something. Anything. When he gets excited or enthusiastic about something he just talks and talks and explains things in such a sweet excited way. :) And when he throws up his little arms and shakes his head at the same time, it is a very exciting story. :-)

 photo Felts-Family-054_zpsbdb1a9c0.jpg 

My favorite thing that Hubby does right now is: Oh it is hard to choose. I appreciate that he tells me, every day, that I am beautiful, in so many different ways. Every day. Even though I am very hard on myself, and might not want to accept his compliments, he doesn't quit telling me. Every day. All day. He's the sweetest.

 photo Felts-Family-159_zps633ab1dc.jpg

Another Favorite of Mine Right Now 
Organizing! I have been organizing and reorganizing... everything! :) Our room, closets, every room, basement... everything. Our three little people keep growing at rapid speed and are growing out of everything so quickly. And HM is in the stage of almost skipping sizes. So, I have finally cleaned out their closets and dressers of clothing that is too small {insert sad face} and added additional hanging bars to the boys' closet so now everything is so much neater and easier to see and get to. Love it! Though I didn't realize it until a friend pointed it out many months back... I am full on nesting. :) Next, we are going to paint the babies' rooms and reorganize and rearrange their rooms. I cut, Hubby rolls, we are a tight team! :)


Alex and Jill said...

Great pics of your beautiful family!

And come to my house with your organizing self. I need this bad!!

Anna @ The Things I'm Learning said...

I love those smiles! You can see the true love and joy your family has in these photos!

Rebecca Jo said...

I still remember when baby Boy was the only one running around on your blog :) Look how big he is now! You all have the best smiles in your family :)

Lauren said...

love these photos! your kiddos are getting so big...Baby Boy is like a little man now!

Perfectly Imperfect said...

love your sweet family. miss you so sweet friend :)

Virginia Belle said...

These pictures are gorgeous of each and every one of you. Good luck with your organizing, I need to get started on some home organization of my own!

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