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Our Homeschooling Curriculum and Schedule 2012

As many of you know, this is our first year homeschooling. We never thought up until a few years ago that we would ever homeschool. But our hearts were changed and we love it. You can read a little more about our decision HERE. :)

I have been wanting to post about this for SO long, it is amazing how fast time goes by. I also had a couple other posts drafted from before September entitled, "Curriculum Overload," and another about discussing some specific curriculum but those didn't get published either. ;) I may bring them back at some point!

Here is the curriculum we have chosen for Kindergarten for BabyBoy this year! (so far ;) some might change :) one good thing is that if you don't like something you are using, you can change it!)

1. Reading/Spelling
    All About Spelling*

2. Math
    Math U See - Alpha

3. Handwriting
    A Reason for Handwriting

4. Bible
    1. Book borrowed from a friend that has chronological Bible stories and while you tell the story the littles      
        draw pictures or build playdough to remind them what the stories are about.
    2. Memory Verses
    3. Devotional

5. Geography
    Galloping The Globe
    Eat Your Way Around The World

6. Science
    Discovering God's Creation
        (goes along with Galloping The Globe) (I purchased teacher's manual and student workbook from      
        Christianbook dot com for $24.95 but doesn't appear to be available at many retailers right now.)

7. Reading Time
    We choose random books that we already have in our little library.

Here is what I keep hearing from other moms who have homeschooled from Kindergarten: 
As long as you are doing Language Arts and Math, you are good. Don't feel like you are not doing enough. You can't mess up Kindergarten. :)

Here is how I feel so far:
I feel like I should be doing more crafts, (hands on) science, I would like to get more great longer books for him to be able to read to me/us/by himself.

Our schedule:
I created this schedule before we began our first day of our first year homeschooling. ;)

 photo Fullscreencapture03022013105952PM_zps05f30e07.jpg
(all of the in between times would be Little's school time of the same subject BabyBoy just finished, together for Bible and science/geography with activities applicable per age)

Next post will be how I feel about each one and this schedule so far! :) 

Feel free to throw out any thoughts on curricula and schedule. Be kind! :) I would love to have an open conversation where we can all discuss what we're using, might want to use, or advice you seasoned homeschooling mamas have for us rookies! :) And we can continue discussing with the next post more on specifics after I share more in depth how I feel about these curricula so far!

Our School Room :)
 photo IMG_9742.jpg  photo IMG_9814-1.jpg
(They're so cute! And proud of their little desks and space! ;))

*All About Spelling link is an affiliate link, I love the program and would love if you bought through us! Would help us purchase more curriculum :)


Buckany said...

I taught Kindergarten for 4yrs at a classical Christian school before being placed on bed rest for 14wks. We used Phonics Museum (Veritas), Saxon Math, Summitt for Bible, and Handwriting without Tears (AMAZING). Art, science, and geography were all supplemented with fun activities and songs. We are moving and I will be home schooling next year so we may switch out Summitt for Sonlight and eventually I will switch out Saxon for Singapore Math. It's so fun to have the freedom to use what works for your kids! Great job momma!

Mrs. Pedersen said...

That is so exciting! I was home-schooled for 10 years. :)

Love the way you set up their desks. So cute!

Casa Cannon said...

the school room is ADORABLE.

Rebecca Jo said...

So organized!!! :)

I actually just sent your blog to another friend of mine who is a home school mom... & she's adopted a son from China - & she loves Jesus as passionately as you do... so I had to send her your way. So if you see anyone by the name of Lynn around - she's pretty awesome herself :)

Lynn said...

Can't wait to read through your posts! Monday is our Saturday (dh has a crazy schedule!) so no school today, but tomorrow your blog will be my reading assignment!! Come visit my blog if you get the chance Just getting started again!

Perfectly Imperfect said...

Can I bring E to you for school?!?!?

Rachel said...

I am so glad homeschooling is working out so well for y'all! I've considered it for the future, but I still have some time to think about it. I am no where near as organized as you, though!!

BonBon Rose Girls Kristin said...

Your school room is amazing lady! What a beautiful place to learn!

Mary Russell said...

I LOVE this set up! I've been looking for this kind of desk, would you mind telling me where you found it? Thank you :-)

Tiffany said...

I love these desks! Where did you find them?

Naturally Caffeinated Family said...

Thank you! They're from Target! :)

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