Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Adoption Update: Our NEW number on the waitlist and Our Hearts

Last we spoke, we were 21 on the waitlist. I'm sorry sweet sweet friends or fam who have already heard this update and were getting your hopes up! :)

Our December update is:

We are now 18 on the waitlist! Movement! Yay!!

We could not be more excited that we have jumped up a few spots, though even with the movement, there were no referrals again last month. That makes three months with no little ones matched with families.

Though we are bummed about that and just want to see the best for all of these littles, we don't want to rush God's timing. I and we have felt convicted because we have been trying to stay as positive and trusting about "the wait" as possible, though still want to meet our new little and bring her home as soon as possible. But this past month as so many friends have so sweetly asked for an update, which we are SO blessed by, I have found myself not speaking about it with a completely joyful heart. I know and am thankful for God's timing but we were still bummed at the lack of overall movement and referrals.

I need to... bring back that joyful fee-e-ling, bring that joy-ful, fee-e-ling. Yeah? Yeah? ;)

It is amazing how He works. Because of the way He has laid our path so far, He has been working on and changing our hearts about some things. Some big things. Mainly the age of our newest little one (or ones????) to be.

And each time Hubby and I have discussed something, we have both agreed almost immediately. God has been changing and moving in our hearts at the SAME time! Is anyone else getting goosebumps or teary eyed? He has done this many times so far. And every single time. The same thing. Hubby and I always strive to be on the same page about everything, we discuss everything, we talk about everything, and we love that. But sometimes you wonder with such big decisions, will it be the same. We have had great discussions and we are still praying about some things.

The biggest new things...

We are considering a sibling pair again. We had towards the beginning, but both felt like starting off with one addition was the best. Hearts. Changed.

We are also considering increasing our age range. Hearts. Changed. There are so many older littles who are passed over in favor of infants. Super infants as I have been calling them. As young and healthy as possible. That is a wonderful thing too. We need families to adopt all ages. We know there are MANY many things to consider with this. Including with the our newest little(s) and our current littles.

It is a big decision. But we know a few things. God is big. God is loving. And God is in control.

So our newest addition to the prayer list is for wisdom on these decisions. If he brings a teeny little, a little a bit older, or two littles into our family, we are ready. Our arms and hearts are wide open. We want to share every aspect of our journey with you and this another little chapter of that. And we are still praying for the little one(s) that will join our family and for our family and a smooth process of course.

Thank you so much for your prayers, thoughts, support, your questions, inquiries, those who are sweetly fielding questions or discussions on things we read. Your involvement in any and every way in our journey means the absolute world to us.

And to think, he was already working in our hearts, almost TEN years ago. Amazing. Humbling. Exciting. He knows. 

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Rebecca Jo said...

Moving on up!!!!! YIPEEE!!!!!

Look at you two in your wedding frock :) So sweet!!!

Anna TTIL said...

It's amazing how God works! Continuing to pray for your family. Thank you for the encouragement your share by telling your story!

Becca said...

yay! Love this my friend :-)

Lora Lynn @ Vitafamiliae said...

Best. Wedding. Ever. Seriously.

Love to see God at work. Love you!

Meagan said...

ahh! So excited for you guys! eeee!!!!!!!!!!!

Virginia Belle said...

I'm so happy to hear that things are moving in the right direction for you all. I am so excited for you!!!

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