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Hello Fam and Friends! I hope y'all are doing great! Woo, it's been a while! I took a break from blogging and pretty much all social media for a bit now for several reasons. But I've missed you. I haven't missed the drama or the stress of blogging/twitter bringing out my biggest insecurity, but I've missed you! Please know that I can't wait to catch up on you and your blogs.

Here is our latest! This is our most recent us. :) My people!


Hubby and Me


Hubby is going strong at his job and we just love that he still works from home minus meetings. He has been pretty busy with a lot of big projects, so we're praying some hit. He is so great at what he does. I have been working hard at my job! Love homeschooling. It has it's set of challenges but we love it. I have had maany posts drafted about it for months and months, so many have said they are interested in all the details, I'll get them published soon! We have our homeschooling co-op including field trips, service opps, and (educational :)) parties. MOPs. Play dates as often as we can. We're still leading/hosting small group and serving whenever we can. Playing on worship team. We're getting ready for Littlest's 2nd birthday!

We munch, snack, and sweets it up after the littles are in bed as usual, while we watch our shows and relax together. I kid you not, I have gained 6 pounds in the last 3 weeks. Stinkin' yummy boxes of chocolate my sweet mom got for us. I have little food will power as we all know. Yikes! We just finished Felicity and are in Season 4 of Dawson's Creek. Ha! We never saw them when we were younger! ;) Thanks Netflix. We conclude Team Pacey so far. And please tell us how many highschool (or college) students spoke like they all do? ;) Shark Tank is a fave and we're looking forward to Suits, Psych, and Burn Notice coming back. :) Just to name a few. Any other shows we need to check out for our evening tv?

BabyBoy - 5 years old


Our great little musician! One of his most favorite activities is going to the basement to play music. He pretends to be a worship leader, leading everyone in prayer and songs. Our basement transforms into a church service as he leads just like he has observed our services. He plays his guitar, make-shift drums, his Uncle Johnny's old electric guitar, and sings worship songs and his own worship song compositions. :) He is rockin' Kindergarten at home and gets so excited when he accomplishes new things. He has been introduced to Mario Bros video game on the Wii and Hubby's old game boy. He only plays every now and then but enjoys it and his skills have grown a lot in a short period of time. He is a protective big brother and loves to pray and memorize scripture. Loves to jump on the trampoline and sports it up. He loves to make people laugh and though he has become a bit shy at first contact, he warms up and loves to help and play.

Little - 3 years old


Sweet Little. He is really loving blocks. He still likes to play cars, do flash cards, puzzles, play outside, jump on the trampoline, play swords with Daddy and fight the bad guys to save us, he has a great arm for throwing ball, and can knock a baseball off his little tee like nobody's business. We're working on some pre-preschool things as usual, including intro to writing, letters/phonics, numbers, shapes, colors, etc. He also loves to play his little instruments, guitar, violin, and sing some great tunes. He is still our little caretaker and takes such great care of his baby sister and all of us. :) He is the first to remember to pray for our three sweet sponsored little ones in Uganda. His most recent prayer has been that they go to heaven.

Littlest - 23 months old

{I love this pic of her and of the two of us - 'tis tough to get a pic of our on-the-run little girl by herself ;) this one just captures her sweet happiness}

Oh Littlest! :) Our happy little girl, still a little weary of some settings at first, but after a bit she knows it's ok, free to show off, give smiles, hugs, fives, and finds any reason to laugh. She loves playing with her dolls and holds them as if she's always known how and is caring for a real baby. She loves singing, Jesus Loves Me, EIEIO ;), ABCs, Hosanna in the Highest, and her own made up tunes. :) She holds her own with her brothers and loves to play almost anything they're playing while still playing independently when it suits her. She is not afraid to stick up for herself. :) Her vocabulary is crazy and her sentences get longer every day. She continues to show more and more strong-willed tendencies ;). She is sweet and silly and more beautiful every day.

Our Adoption (Our number on the wait list!) - Entering into 8 months on the wait list


As of our December update we are #21 on the waitlist. Previously 22. No referrals (again) last month. We are still awaiting some answers to some questions and we know that is all perfectly and comfortably in God's timing. But it would not be truthful to say that we were not a bit disappointed and sad. Sad for all of the little ones who are in desperate need of ending being institutionalized and being placed firmly and securely in the arms of their forever family. And sad our littles don't get to meet and grow with their little sister for what seems right now to be even longer. Bottom line - we fully trust God and His timing.

We will receive our next update TOMORROW! We cannot tell you how much we would appreciate your prayers for our family; that we would move up the list (if it's God's will), for continued patience, peace, and movement, and for our little girl who will become a member of our Naturally Caffeinated Family; for protection, strength, and to be receiving the best care that she can.

I didn't mean to come back with such a long post, I know long posts are not loooved, but thank you so much for reading, visiting, and sticking with us, and me.



Ashley said...

Yay for an update! I've been wondering how y'all are doing. I love that picture of your whole family and the one of you and HM is just perfect! Glad everyone is doing well!

Lindsey said...

Thanks for the update friend. Keeping you and your sweet family in my prayers!

Mrs. Harvey said...

Glad you are back and updating! Hope everything continues to go well, and you get a good update tomorrow!

Cajun Cowgirl said...

So glad to hear that things are going well. Everyone looks great and so happy! I can't wait to read more about your homeschooling.

Becca said...

Love the pics! Your Christmas card was one of my favs :-)

Desiree Lynn said...

Great to read the update on your sweet family :)

Christy said...

Thanks for sharing your heart! Social networking can be difficult at times, as I can attest.

Love hearing about the latest news on the whole family & the process of adoption overseas.

Perfectly Imperfect said...

i've missed you!!!

and yes, team pacey all the way :)

Meagan said...

So happy to have an update! I have missed reading about your daily adventures as a family!

Our adoption was finalized on December 15th! YAY!

Keep in touch!


Mrs. Pedersen said...

Loved reading your updates! Will continue praying for God's guidance in your lives regarding adoption. Blessings! :)

Kimberley said...

you have a beautiful family! praying for a successful adoption!!

i started watching Dawson's Creek again on netflix just because :)

and i said it when it originally aired and i say it now, "kids don't talk like that!!!" i'm with ya on that one ;) but i'm still glued. oh and the fashion, gees louise!!

Renee said...

Such gorgeous pictures!

We love watching The Middle. I love Downton Abby but I have to watch it by myself because Chris falls asleep every time.

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