Wednesday, November 14, 2012

this little guy turned 3!!

Oh my goodness, where do we start? Little is our second born and is just an amazing little boy (I wanted to say baby boy, but I resisted! ;) You'll always be our baby, sweet lovebug!)!

He is still our little caretaker. He has such a sweet heart. He can still pick on his big bro and lil' sis at times and has a mighty lil' will (which we love, it's a great trait!) but oh my goodness he is so sweet & has such a big heart.

He always wants to make sure that everybody has what they need, that everybody has one of whatever is being passed out or found, asks to help with the dishes or other tasks, and loves to help others. Here he is checking on his lil' sister at a wedding! Oh, the sweetness!


He is so thoughtful. Case and point. Just he and I were out to run some errands together (that usually never happens and I just loved it, he is so much fun) and I decided to just leave my purse in the car for one store. I got him from his carseat and as we started walking toward the store he said, "Mommy do you have your purse??" He was barely 3 years old!! That's our little thoughtful guy.

{Goofy pic of me but he is so cute and oh, I love his happy lil' face :)}

He loves to play outside, sports, music, cars/trucks, trains, ride bikes, pretend games that he and BabyBoy make up together, helping HM with a puzzle. He loves to laugh, be tickled, and just plain have fun. He loves to be silly and make jokes. We have the most wonderful reading/cuddling/singing sessions before nightnight. He has the best little conversations. He loves to play swords and fight off the bad guys. His sound effects are awesome. And adorable. He is getting more and more comfortable striking up conversations with anybody. He is always up for anything!

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Oh, we could not love our sweet "Boba" any more! Happy 3rd birthday, sweet love!!



Lauren said...

he's too precious...and how in the world is he already 3?!? That doesn't even seem possible!

Lauren said...

So stinkin ADORABLE!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

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