Friday, November 9, 2012

Our number on the wait list - Adoption Update

We had been, as unanxiously as possible (see Philippians 4:6), waiting for our latest adoption update to see our new number on the wait list. Also see photo I posted earlier this week. See? Such patience.


And we waited and waited and waited. Can you feel the patience and non-anxiousness? Just curiosity, people.

We just got our monthly update about an hour ago and our number remains #22.

No movement. No referrals last month. Still delays and now lengthened in country time.

We are grateful and happy to hear that Uganda, the US, and our agency are trying to make sure that these little ones are truly orphans and (unfortunately) have no other opportunity to be with other family members in Uganda, or adopted by other families in Uganda, before becoming referral ready.

Our flesh is sad and just a bit wondering why. Why if there are so many little ones, so many... millions - over 2.5 million - who need a forever family, they still sit in an orphanage, an institution. And we can't wait to expand our family. Then I wonder, are we doing something wrong? Am I not praying enough? I know I am not reading His word enough.

We fully believe everything is in His perfect timing. Our prayers always begin with, "Thank you," and are followed by, "If it's in your will..." It is without a doubt comforting to know the Creator of everything has us in his hands. We know everything happens for a reason, He could be protecting us from something by having us wait right now, maybe the process could speed up in the months to come, waiting to line us up with the precious little one who He will place in our family. Forever.

But right now, our flesh is a little sad.

Prayers welcome. Thanks fam and friends.


3 Peanuts said...

I am thinking 22 is a good number but I don't know a lot about the process in Uganda. I just read a little about your delightful family and I will say a prayer for your adoption journey. Hugs,

Rebecca Jo said...

maybe when it moves, its gonna move BIG! Praying for you all... especially for your future new addition! :)

Trina said...

I'm with Rebecca! I know you're doing enough, just has to be HIS timing :) HUGS!!!

Mandy Rose said...

Praying for our as always friend! This journey is such a roller coaster. It's not unlike God to move in big ways so try and focus on that! Next month you could jump up to 20! You never know!

Tonya said...

Huge hugs and prayers for you my sweet friend. Just know that God is working things behind the scenes that we may never know about. He has your family all planned out. My prayers for you are that when you bring that little one home, you'll have a peace and overwhelming love that wipes out the memory of this waiting period completely. Love you!

Mrs. Pedersen said...

Wow! I will be praying for you all. Such an exciting time in your lives.

I feel like we've been waiting forever since starting our foster journey...and we are just now having our home study done. All in God's timing!

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