Monday, November 12, 2012

I cannot help it!

The matching. I can't help the matching! I've been asked and people always comment that the boys are pretty much always matching and coordinated with HM. :) I can't help it!

I figure, I have to do it while they're young. They're just so cute (I realize I am biased, I can't help that either).

And maaaaany times, we're all coordinated. ;)

{Navy and green ;) Fun!}

And Hubby will coordinate himself without me saying a thing. And I think that is so sweet and cute.

{This is the random self-timer pic we snapped before heading out for an event :)}

I know a lot of people think it's dorky or dare I say, uncool, to dress matchy matchy, but I've never been one for following clothing rules. ;) And we admit that we're dorks. We accept it. And we're proud of it. ;)

Annnd, may I point out, that it is easy to dress them, because we can just grab the same/similar thing for both of them, annnd it's easy to spot them when we're out! Not that we let them get far away, BUT, if we're playing somewhere and someone is asking about them or if I need to tell someone something, I can say, that one and the other one dressed like that. ;-) See, a win win. Cute and efficient!

{Coordinated turquoise/white. Love.}

I actually mean to coordinate them more but it's so much easier to just match ;) Though I think they're be a lot more coordinating in the future because BabyBoy has now grown out of toddler sizes!!! Our baby! And I can't wait to coordinate HM with her new lil' sister!

P to the S - We get all of their clothes on sale/clearance plus coupons or at consignment shops, and we don't buy a lot each year and just layer everything differently to create different outfits. Listen to me, I sound like I know something about fashion! Ha! I don't but I attempt to look cute, on a major budget. I need help (I do not feel cute very often)! But that is another post for another day and there are other things that are way more important, which is why I haven't posted about it. :)


Amy said...

i love matching outfits! it just makes me happy when my girls match :)
and i'm the same way...i know all too soon that they'll be "too cool" to match their sibling, so i capitalize on their willingness while i can. jeffrey told me the other day that he thought the girls were "getting too old to match" and then he thought i was insane for tearing up and building a strong case as to why they're NOT too old! pretty sure he won't make that comment again - ha!

Mrs. Pedersen said...

I think it's adorable!! ;-)

Anna said...

I love coordinating, too! I know they'll be a day when the boys won't let me pick out their clothes (it's fast approaching!), so I'll do it while I can!

Renee said...

You and your family always look great! You get such good pictures with that timer.

Perfectly Imperfect said...

I fully intend to match BG with any future children we may have. I love it!!

Lauren said...

ha! I love this! I feel like I always leave the house with the thought of..."what if there's an amazing photo opportunity and we dont' match?!?" ha!

so...most mornings when Elyse & I leave the house, there is some sort of "matching" involved!

Lobster meets Peach said...

I always have my kiddos coordinate for Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, Christmas and Easter. I would do it more if they would let me!

Micah Waldron said...

Aww! I just stumbled upon your blog (I'm brand new to blogging), and it's great! I will definitely match my children (probably to myself) when I have kids. :) Love it!

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