Tuesday, October 2, 2012

this happened...

1. Little excitedly asked, "Mommy, what are you makin' for dinner??"
Me: "I'm making artichoke, tomato, pasta! Go tell 'BabyBoy!'"
Little: "'BabyBoy,' she's making potato soup!"

2. BabyBoy loves reading and trying to read anything, anywhere. We were in a parking lot and he saw the sign for H&R Block, read it, but I didn't hear what he said for the &, so I explained to him again what it was and he followed with, "Mommy, you really know a lot of things." Hehehe ;)

3. I ate one can of Pringles in two days. Hubby had, maaaaybe, two chips. ;) Our cans of Pringles never  have six servings in them! ;)

4. We were having (homemade, so yummy!) granola bars for breakfast, and the littles like to ask, "May I have a big one (insert anything ;)) please?" They all got "a big one" and happily HM repeated, "A big un?" BabyBoy said, "Yes, HM, you have a big one too!... Mommy I'm building her up!" :-) Sometimes the boys pick on each other and say the other's food is small, etc., so we have the conversation about what God says in the Bible about being kind and building each other up 1 Thessalonians 5:11. ;-)

5. When Hubby picked HM up from her class at church on Sunday, she was running around the room like a maniac, which was wonderful, hehe. She has held onto her separation anxiety far longer than either of the boys did. She would cry for a minute and then be fine but convince her teachers to cuddle her the whole time. ;) So her being down and playing and running around was so great to see. :)

6. After "read aloud" time, I was going to let the babies play for a few minutes before chore time because I could tell they were really tired. As they were getting off the couch, BabyBoy says, "It's chore time!" and asked for a cloth to wipe the table down before getting the vacuum! ;) Then I asked Little what his chore was (to see if he remembered ;)), he said, "Cleaning up!" Good boy! His job is to clean up all the lose and stroon about toys in the living and family rooms while BabyBoy wipes down the kitchen table and vacuums under/around it, while I make lunch/clean up the kitchen/and maybe throw in a load of laundry. I love that routine. And chore time! It took time to fall into, and there are still reminders and "coaching" done during chore time, but it's good. So very good. :)

7. Hubby was joking around with the babies, a couple months ago, calling them vegetable names and BabyBoy joining in the fun proceeded, "Daddy you are a pickle and Mommy you're nuts." Hubby and I could not stop laughing and he just thought he was being silly calling us "veggies." hahaha.

Any interesting or funny things "happen" to you this week?? :)

{This happened too! The babies love to rehearse, for playing at church, with me. :) Sometimes with guitars, their little violin, singing on the little microphone, drums. We love us some music. And worshipping God through music! Ahh, love. I can't help that goofy smile on my face ;)}


Amy said...

i love the last picture!! and it's encouraging to know that the "running around the classroom" days might not be too far ahead for us! laney has held on to her separation anxiety much longer than libbi even thought about it! it's exhausting :)

Jenn @ Munchkin Land said...

Beautiful family, Dee. And I love these glimpses into real life. ;) It sounds like a contented time in your life.

Annie said...

These stories are too cute! I love that last picture. I played the violin for seven years!

Rebecca Jo said...

I can top you - I eat the whole bag of Pop Chips in one sitting... oops! :)

That picture is precious!! I love the Littliest with her mic... you're family is adorable!

Desiree Lynn said...

Your little family warms my heart. You are doing beautiful things with those babies.

Lauren said...

that last picture is perfection!

and I love the idea of chore time, certainly would make it easier on me if someone else picked up Elyse's toys...too bad she doesn't quite understand that at 9 months! ha!

Lindsey said...

I just love your sweet family and this last picture is just the cutest thing ever.

Thank you SO much for your donation for the marathon. It means so much to us and I cannot share all about the race!!

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