Thursday, October 25, 2012

our pitter patter...

of little (and big ;) {although, I think mine shrunk again after Littlest! ;)}) feet...


Oh boy, I love these feet. (Ok, not my feet, but the rest of them I love ;))

I think it's funny that we have all had these shoes for a long time and the all the boys' shoes are so much more worn, hehe. Love the amazing boys that fit in these shoes.

I can't believe how big all of these little feet are getting. We just pray for wisdom to guide them to walk, and run, in the right direction, in His ways. Serving others, sharing the good news, and knowing that His opinion and purpose are all that really matters.

My mom has always joked around about the pitter patter of little feet and it IS an amazing sound. Just listening to the sweet sound of their little feet walking, or running (heavy footed ;)) in Littlest's case ;), around the house.

Thankful for the pitter patter. Prayful for wisdom.


Anna said...

I know exactly how you feel! That pitter pattering is the best sound in the world. How blessed are we to have these little ones to love, hug, pray for and with, and listen to!

Lauren said...

LOVE this!!!!!!! :)

Lauren said...

Oh i love this picture! I'm going to be hearing the pitter patter of Elyse's feet so soon...what a beautiful sound!

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