Monday, October 8, 2012

Our Perfect

There are times and days when the littles pick on each other. BUT there are 10,000 more times their sweet little selves help, take care of and share with each other, make up new games together, hold hands unprompted, try their hardest to make each other laugh, and just love on each other.

There are days of many toy tiffs, fussing, fits, and attitudes. BUT they are times of learning, for them and for us, and it wouldn't be life without learning lessons about what it means to have His character.

There are days when we stay in our jammies all day long, or as long as possible ;) and watch a couple extra cartoons. BUT those are great days to relax, try to take it easy, and get in some extra snuggling.

There are days when Hubby and I are mentally and emotionally exhausted. BUT we wouldn't change a thing that He has blessed us with. (At very first thought there might be a thing here or there, but after we think about, not a thing.)

There are days of extra disobedience. BUT we continue to try to be consistent and pray we are teaching them that they first need to obey God (which results in obeying your parents ;-)).

There are just a few ever, err, many moments, days, when there are dishes lining the kitchen, lots of laundry to do, to fold, or put away, toys scattered across the floors, and unidentified smell, and I may or may not have showered. BUT other moments may be more important or we all work together or we tiredly do it because it needs to get done, or someone is coming over ;-), and we thank God for everything He has provided.

There are days where I lose my cool and my patience. BUT my awesome Hubby sweetly helps me find it again.

There are moments in our tiredness or frustration, many times at something else, that Hubby and I might talk to each other in a way that is not pleasing to Him. BUT we could not love each other more and always remember that each other are the good-willed servants we married over 9 years ago.

There are days when only 1 out of 3, or 0 littles, nap. BUT we try to stay relaxed and thankful for each moment. (We miss it sometimes, but we try.)

There are days when Hubby working from home and school time equal distractions for everybody. BUT we would not for a minute change that incredible blessing. Not one minute.

{Thank you again, self-timer! ;)}

We are not perfect BUT we are so blessed and THIS is our perfect. We pray for wisdom in life and raising His little people, all. the. time. All praise and glory to Him through the earthly frustrating, hard, exciting, and celebratory times.

2 Samuel 22:31 As for God, his way is perfect: The Lord’s word is flawless; he shields all who take refuge in him.


Lauren said...

This is such a beautiful post...a "perfect" life wouldn't be so perfect anyway! Love that pic!

Blue-Eyed Bride said...

This is so sweet. Y'all are wonderful parents and are raising sweet little ones who I pray will grow up to serve the Father just as their parents do. I think the key is the eternal perspective. We all just have to remember that this is just our temporary home and every day we have the choice to be patient, be happy, and encouraging. We can choose to build each other up and hold each other accountability when one of our people naturally starts to slip. We're human, but we're HIS. :) Love your family.

Mrs. Pedersen said...

What a beautiful post. I love your attitude and spirit towards your family. So precious!

Cajun Cowgirl said...

Fantastic post and picture! I needed to hear your words today that yes, things will go wrong, and we will even mess up, but God has graced our families to draw near Him regardless. Thanks girl!

Perfectly Imperfect said...

such a beautiful post.

i adore your family. i think you all just have the right frame of mind for everything life hands you. and you all just love so hard. so sweet :)

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