Monday, September 10, 2012

Our Homeschool Room!

I am no designer or fashion guru, but once we decided to have the littles' school room in the living room and I knew the dimensions of the wall that would house their desks, I got a vision rolling around in my head of what I thought might be a functional space with a fun color theme. :)

Don't make fun of me if you don't think it belongs in a magazine ;) but this is pretty much what I had in my head... :)

I've redone their bookshelves just a tiny bit, there were a couple things not quite done when I took the pic! :)


I realize now that if the wall what just a bit longer it would have been better to have the chalkboard horizontal, but hopefully it will still work well for what we need to use it for! It has so far. :)

I love that they each have their own bookshelf, they each have so many books and things for their curriculum, plus some games, other books for reading, devotional books, and in the baskets are their math manipulative blocks, some things for their language arts (I'll go into more detail on all of that soon!), and some magnetic letters and numbers.

The rest of the living room isn't quite done yet, so after pics of the whole room to come (at some point ;))!

A Few Deets:

I made the cork board squares (blog post coming :)), Hubby and I redid the chairs, and I made the magnetic chalkboard! (post coming soon too :)). The baskets were purchased separately from The Hob (half price and fit perfectly), and the desk, bookshelves, lamps, and clock were each on sale (at different times :)), plus additional discounts! from Target.

The boys are so excited to have their own desks (with a drawer for their pencils, crayons, and some papers ;)) and area for their school room! Sweet HM really wants her own too, besides a little table ;), we may have to rethink the setup in a few years! ;)


Anonymous said...

It looks great!! It's very cheerful :) I would love to do my work there too!!

Lora Lynn @ Vitafamiliae said...

cute as pie!

Anna said...

This looks great and like a fun place to learn!

Alex and Jill said...

Love this! You did a great job.

Lynsey said...

I think it looks great! Love the pops of color.

Lauren said...


Jen Clark said...

Cute! You did a nice job. :)

Casa Cannon said...

it looks awesome!!

Perfectly Imperfect said...

it turned out great!! they'll love doing school in such a cool space :)

Desiree Lynn said...

It looks wonderful. Such a great space for them.

ARK said...

It really looks great! I bet the kids are soooo excited, can't wait to hear the details of your homeschool scheduling days when you get a break! Enjoy these precious moments!

Nina said...

This looks great! Such a cute and functional space for your littles. I love the colors you used!

[dianegatorfan] said...

This is so fun and cute! Love the bold, primary colors!!

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