Monday, June 4, 2012

We are going to...

...Homeschool!! BabyBoy will be starting Kindergarten! Our first baby!

This is something until just a couple years ago we did not think we would ever do. I won't even mention some of the phrases that we've all heard about homeschooling families or homeschooled childrens.

Yeeears ago, we maaay have agreed with some of those things. ;)

But things have changed, mindsets have changed, and we are so excited about it! And I say, we, because Hubby is 150% on board  and we made the decision together. (yes I said 150% bc that's how excited he is about it too :))

There are so many resources, there are so many groups, co-ops, and activities to be involved in. We are excited to jump in. Are there some concerns? Sure. Will we do everything we can to overcome them? Absolutely.

Here is the main question that we have gotten so far: "Why are you going to homeschool?" Very valid question. ;)

Let me say first, that some say, "Well, since they're with me all day long, they won't listen or learn from me as well as from a different person in a different place."

I will say, I thought that once too. I have always done a lot with our littles as far as academics (in a fun playtime environment) since they were teeny. But I thought, well once we get to real school age, maybe it won't work.

My opinion has completely changed on that too!

Reasons We Decided Homeschooling is Right For Our Family:

*Btdubs - We have nothing against families who public-school their little ones, this is just what we feel is right for our family. I was a high school (and middle school) teacher, I know how wonderful so many teachers out there are! And we may decide at some point that it is time for public school.*
  • We are excited about having our little ones home. We love them and love spending time with them and together as a family and cliche or not, life is so short and goes by so so fast.
  • We want to be the ones that have the most time per day to disciple our little ones. They are our most important disciples.
  • We can complete our curriculum in a few hours or less. With much less in-between time between each subject/activity. That means we will have the rest of the time to spend as a family.
  • We will be involved in at least one or two wonderful homeschool groups/co-ops, which will allow the littles to be in learning classroom settings, have parties, field trips, and events will other littles their ages. And they will have other opportunities for group activities through our county or local organizations/companies.
  • On a smaller note, we will not be bound by any specific schedule for traveling.
  • While we believe that our little ones should not be sheltered from "the world" their entire lives, because they need to learn how to deal with situations themselves, make their own decisions based on the morals and knowledge they have learned at home... 1. they are still little (especially at this age), and we are glad to have the opportunity to root these morals, Godly principles and character, philosophy, etc. for more time. 2. Discipline handled in the classroom might not be how we would prefer it to be handled for this age. 3. For now, we do not want to have to re-teach behavior/speaking/etc., or ask, "where did you learn that... who said that... we don't say things like that right... we don't act like that right." We already get this sometimes with the current activities they're in and because they are little people. :) And there will plenty of time for those questions. Re-teaching will have to happen at times. They also use their foundation and principles to know that even though others' say or do those things, we don't. But it doesn't hurt to have some extra years for Godly character and philosophy reinforcement. 
That was just simply put. We can expand on any of those points. But in it's simplest form, those are some of our thoughts.

I am going to our state's homeschooling convention very soon!! So here are some questions for you!

Do you homeschool?? What curriculum do you use or do you love? Do you have any homeschooling advice for a newbie? 

I know there are things that I need work on/keep in mind already! - I need to do a better job focusing on just daily things, Bible reading/scripture memory, buttoning buttons, tying shoes, and crafts and things. I have always been big on academics (learning through having fun/games from when they're teeny) and I need to make sure we work on the everyday things more often too.


It's going to be me and these cute, silly, strong-willed, sweet little people! ;) And Hubby as much as he can. :)

It will be an adventure. And one that we are pretty excited about. I am so blessed to have my incredible Hubby. And of course, prayers are always welcome! ;-)


Crystal Seed said...

I wish you all the luck in the world! Getting to spend that time with your kids is a blessing!!! Soak it all up, girl!! And have fun with it!

Megan said...

Those all sound like good reasons to me! :-) Congrats on making a decision, I know this can be such a time consuming decision for some! I can't wait to hear home school stories! :-)

ARK said...

So excited for you! I know you will do a great job and you will be amazed at what the little ones will learn from you teaching Mr. Kindergartener! Hard to believe!!!!! Time goes tooo fast!! I am sooo tempted to homeschool soooo many times I have considered it...we are going to take one year at a time so who knows I just might be joining you one day!

mamachey said...

What phrases have you heard about homeschooling families? ;) Just kidding, I can only imagine. We aren't all bad. No matter what your choice for schooling, none will be perfect. We love homeschooling because it's customized for our kids. For instance, our Ellie loves bugs, so this summer I am going to teach her the alphabet using bugs that start with each letter. Plus, we can all join in as a family and learn in the process. Feel free to ask any questions you want...I will try to help in any way I can. Love you guys!!! -C

HisTreasuredPossession said...

girl, you need to check out Classical Conversations at your homeschool convention. WE LOVE IT and are on our 3rd year this fall.

I did Sonlight for the first year and it was ok.

Love Math U See and Handwriting Without Tears (am switching to Classically Cursive next year for oldest (I think.))

Best Phonics book was LL's recommendations Ordinary Parent's guide to Teaching Reading...but I think she also has another one she loves.

Kindergarten is so simple, so don't go crazy (wink) Playing for little ones is so very important!!!

Love you, girl!

Immeasurably More Mama said...

There are MANY reasons we feel homeschooling is a right fit for us but most importantly we look forward to building Team Family! Lots of time with our little people should help. :) Are you going to a homeschool convention in your state? I missed the one here but I'm traveling with a friend to Atlanta in July to look at curriculum. I know I want to look at Sonlight, My Father's World, and Math U See. I'm sure I will end up looking at other options too. :)We are already using Handwriting Without Tears (for Pre-K). If you are going to piece meal your curriculum together, then I would highly recommend Five in a Row for rich experiences with good quality children's literature. Using lots of real books is important to me (that's why I want to look at's a literature-based curriculum). I taught Kindergarten and then was an elementary reading resource teacher before I became a stay-at-home mommy. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask! :)

Whitney said...

You are awesome! I think this is wonderful. And seriously ... move to OK so you can be my BFF.

Kelsey @ Seattle Smith's said...

I think it's great that you have taken the responsibility and do what you believe they need. That's awesome!

Jason Fishell said...

Great decision! Since we are almost finished homeschooling one all the way through highschool, I can tell you that you will enjoy the time spent with your kids...

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