Monday, June 25, 2012

Happy Birthday Baby!

On Saturday, our first born, baby boy, turned 5 years old!!!!


Hugs??? Prayers?? Send chocolate? ;)

We cannot believe how quickly this precious time has gone. We JUST held him for the first time in the hospital.

He is so sweet, strong-willed, a goofball :), loves to laugh, is filled with music from his little toes to the tippy top of his thick hair, he loves to make people laugh, especially his little brother and sister, he praises God with his songs and his incredible prayers, he loves to play ball, cars and trucks, making food with the pretend food and play kitchen in the basement, his instruments (guitar, self made drums, piano, violin), he loves his siblings, loves to serve, gives us hugs and says "I love you sooooo much," all. the. time (that's how we roll! :)), he gives his little bro and sis a hug and kiss every nightnight, he is reading - SO well - we are so proud of him, is a great helper - getting diapers or things when we need them (most of the time right away ;)), can count like crazy and do some addition and subtraction, says please thank you and excuse me, he is such a blessing.


We are constantly working on character, learning, encouraging to ask questions, empathy, being patient ourselves to be able to see his heart in disobedience and trying to stay calm when his mouth or actions take a wrong path, praying for wisdom in raising him and guiding his wonderful and sometimes challenging ;) strong-willed character trait.


He is a miracle.


We praise God that at 28 weeks we found out that he had a complication and would need surgery the morning after he was born, even though at the time we shed many tears. The surgeon agreed to do his surgery at 7am on a Sunday morning, something that is very abnormal. We were told that there could be many... many things "wrong" with him and we wouldn't really know until he was born. We turned down every test and said, everything in God's will. It was not an easy time. We came to a new place of trust and faith in Him. He has a purpose for everything.

{I can't believe I am putting these pictures on here! He had an olympic sized swimming pool! ;-)}

We will never forget the video that my mom got of the doctor, after his initial assessment of BabyBoy, telling Hubby that he was perfect (besides his need for surgery).


He was supposed to be in the NICU for *at least* 6 weeks.

He was in the NICU for 2 weeks.


There were so many people praying for him, the doctors, the nurses. It could only be God.

It was the longest 2 weeks of our lives. It felt like an eternity.

There were good days, not so good days, and very scary days.

We were there everyday (we were kicked out of our room 1.5 days after he was born!), as long as we could be there. Until early the next morning so many days, until they told us to go home and get some rest.


He will have a scar on the inside of his leg, from his central line, for life, even though they said it would go away.

We are glad that it won't. Because it is living proof that God is good.


BabyBoy we love you so so much. We could not love you one little hair more. But how much we love you, God loves you even more. (Just by a little bit ;-)) We are so excited to see the plan that God has for your life unfold. We pray that always have your incredible zeal for praising God and singing of and professing His glory. 



Rebecca Jo said...

Oh my goodness... I remember when you blogged & he was just a baby... now he looks SO GROWN UP!!! Always smiling - even still :)
Happy Birthday to your big boy! :)

Becca said...

Happy birthday big guy!

Lora Lynn @ Vitafamiliae said...

Happy birthday, Handsome! hugs to all!

Megan said...

Aww so so sweet! I didn't know all this! Happy birtday to your first born!

Renee said...

Happy birthday cutie! Such a wonderful story.

Anonymous said...

Happy Happy Birthday!!!!

Anonymous said...

Happy Happy Birthday!!!!

Lindsey said...

Aww this was so sweet to read! Happy Birthday!!!

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