Friday, June 8, 2012

9 Years Ago Today

I said, "I do" to my best friend, for life. I could not be more thankful, more excited, more ecstatic that God brought us together, for life. I love that we get to live life together, raise our family together, and ultimately try to serve our incredible God together as a family.

We met in the spring of 1999 in college and officially starting dating/courting on  November 25, 1999. Our first date was Hubby teaching me how to play tennis. And we still love to play! I love how he always says we have lived so much of our life together already (in the same house after we were married ;)). We were and are pretty inseparable. :)

{This is the pic from his wallet, so it's pretty banged up :) taken from his family's beach trip in 2000}

We got married on June 8, 2003 and had the most fun, meaningful, special, wedding. I would love to do it again!


We loved the ceremony, the family and friends who were involved, we danced all night, and loved every minute of it - even though the dj forgot our first dance cd and our great friends went out and bought it ;), and beginning our life together as man and wife, striving to serve and honor Him. We have learned so much together every year, everyday, and are so thankful for everything that God is doing in our lives.


He is the most amazing husband and the most incredible daddy. And I do not use those descriptives easily or lightly. He has the softest heart, always the first to want to serve anyone in need, yet is such a strong Godly man. He is intelligent, and funny, and my perfect balance. He brings out the best in me and always sweetly reminds me of God's love and desires when I worry about "silly" things. He chose to take a pay cut 6 years ago to take a job to work from home so he could spend the most time possible with our family. And I believe he and our family have been so blessed by that. He has never complained about changing diapers and is the most involved daddy, taking work breaks to wrestle, play dolls, cars, ball, outside, read, eat meals, and everything else I am forgetting right now. :) He tells me I am beautiful every single day. He is the man of my dreams.

Newlyweds Forever!!! Our mantra.

To God be the glory.

{I know I look like a goofball in this pic (as most I do) but he still loves me anyway! ;)}

My Hubby does not like to be the center of attention and feels embarrassed when people overly praise him, but this is when I get to say, even extra, how much I respect and love him, because this is the only post I am not asking him to proof ;-).


Anne said...

I LOVE this! What a sweet, precious family y'all have been given. Happy, happy anniversary to a beautiful couple.

Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary! Lovely Family :)

Lora Lynn @ Vitafamiliae said...

happy anniversary you crazy kids! Best wedding ever!

Mandy Rose said...

I just love you two! I hope you had a wonderful anniversary! I can tell what a wonderful marriage you have and I love that you give God all the glory!

Ioana-Carmen said...

Honey I`m watching u for a while! I like your blog and I was thinking...maybe we can follow each other! tell me what do you think, kisses :X

Sara said...

I know I'm a few days late on this, but happy anniversary! I hope you two had a wonderful day together!

Lauren said...

Sooooooooooooo sweet!!!! Happy Happy Anniversary!!!!!!! :)

Krystyn @ Really, Are You Serious? said...

Happy, happy anniversary!

I love the beach picture.

Lindsey said...

Happy Anniversary!!! Love this! You guys are the sweetest family!

Karah said...

You are so skinny!!! Yall make a beautiful couple!!

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