Monday, May 7, 2012

Littlest's 1st Birthday Party: The Theme and The Cake

Oh Littlest!! She turned one on January 15 and her party was a couple weeks after and we just can't believe how quick time is flying.

She is such an amazing little girl. She is so full of smiles and laughs, makes her own little jokes, talks and communicates like crazy, has her fussy moments or days, has held on to her separation anxiety from Daddy and Mommy a little longer than her brothers, but when she gets warmed up, she loves to dole out fives and fist pumps or play ball and run back and forth saying, "rea-dy!".

The Theme: Wrapped Candy (you know the old timey wrapped little candies - we love our sweets and little sweet sweets ;-))

Colors: Turquoise with hints of yellow, light pink, and white.

The Invitation: I looked all over for one and couldn't find one that I loved, so I went out of my "zone" and made this one ;) I made my own polka dot and striped paper so all of the colors for the decorations would match too, and was able to get the candies in her partay colors as well for the invite and decorations. Don't laugh at how unprofessional it is, we'll just look back and remember the fun of it all!


The Cake: Now y'all know that The Cake is a big deal in our house. It was one of my fondest memories from when I was little - my mom would make a special cake each year for our birthdays (and other occasions, but the birthday cakes were super special).

Neither my mom or I had ever made or worked with fondant, and always talked about wanting to try it, so when BabyBoy was two, I did it for the first time! And I've been making my own fondant and experimenting with new designs and techniques, since. :)

Here is Littlest's cake! Let me say that the top part is supposed to resemble a wrapped candy, though with the very limited amount of time I was left with to finish and adjust some things ;), I had to only use one wrapped end (that was too thick! ;)) coming out of the top. ;) But that was her smash cake! So after we sang happy birthday, I lifted it off and it went on a little plate for her.

At about 1am I realized that in my sketch I had these fun pretty fondant bows, but I had no idea how to make them! So I went on YouTube and watched a couple videos, and made my bows! ;) I shaped the candies out of fondant and rolled out some of my fondant and cut every single one of the over 100 with a little cutter. :)




{a part of the back of the big candy got a little messed up but I didn't have time to fix it! ;)}







Next up - decorations, food, and friends!


Lindsey said...

Gorgeous cake!!!!

Lauren said...

Uh, that cake is pretty much AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

Bringing Up Boys said...

Beautiful! What flavor did you make the cake?

Mandy Rose said...

I can not believe our babies are ONE already! Happy birthday to H! She is just too sweet! I am dying over your cake making abilities! For real? I can't even master the box cake. You are amazing! That cake is AWESOME!!

Lauren said...

that cake is amazing! you have such a talent...and she is absolutely adorable! can't believe she is already 1!

Tickled Pink said...

What a beautiful cake!!

Gooch Family said...

Incredible cake! Great job!

California Wife said...

Wow! Hannah's cake is just perfect, I'm impressed!!

Jillian said...

That cake is amazing!!! Great job!!

Casa Cannon said...

amazing dina! looks really great!

Lucky in Love said...

This cake is amazing!! I remember when you first started doing it. You have come so far girl! Totally professional :)

Virginia Belle said...

Her cake is amazing! You are so incredibly talented. I can't wait to see more pictures from the Birthday celebration :)

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