Monday, April 9, 2012

Quick updates all around! (with pics of course! ;))

Hellooo fam and friends! Woowee, I know it has been so long... again! I've been getting emails and phone calls and texts asking for pictures and updates and I just miss y'all!

We have some big news, in that we've reached another big step in our adoption journey!! Of which can be found in one of the lil' updates below! ;) Our little family is just so excited about this journey that God is definitely leading us on!

Ok! :) Here is the latest for each member of the NCF ;)


1. The Hubby: Has been going strong with work, spending so much time with our NCF - since he works from home in between weekly meetings :), leading our small group (he does such a great job! he is so dedicated), refinishing the deck, painting, signing up for softball with guys from church for another season (we're excited about bringing the babies to watch him play again!), and working on our adoption materials and paperwork!

2. Me: I have been going strong with our sweet, silly, very naturally caffeinated babies ;-) and working on all of our adoption material and paperwork, playing on our worship team band, taking the babies MOPs, storytime at the library, having playdates, painting, thinking about how to decorate each room (and the boys' school room for homeschooling!), on a budget :), now that we're starting to paint! :)


3. BabyBoy (4 yrs old): is still living music - he loves playing his guitar, drums, keyboard, little violin occasionally still, and singing 91% of the day ;), he loves playing with Little with cars and trucks, outside on the playground, sandbox, riding bikes, playing baseball, helping Littlest when she needs help, is doing great reading, writing, loves practicing addition and subtraction with fruit or toys or "things", and he still loves to make people laugh.


4. Little (2 yrs old): Is expanding his speaking like crazy every week, with his amazing little two year old voice, he loves playing with BabyBoy with everything above, we've all started drawing/writing with chalk in the driveway again since the weather has really warmed up, playing soccer and baseball, is doing great on his phonics and loves reading books, he is still our little caretaker - always asking if everyone has everything they need or making sure that if we go somewhere he names everyone to make sure they're all coming, he makes sure the Littlest is ok.


5. Littlest (1 yr old): She had her first birthday (we're still in denial), and her first birthday party with family and friends (pics to come Aunt Dottie and friends who've been asking!! ;)), she is talking like *crazy* - repeating words and pointing to things and just communicating, she's starting to feed herself with a spoon, she runs everywhere ;), she loves being around her brothers and Daddy, opening and closing things, playing ball, blocks, putting toys/items in and out of containers or anything she can find. :)


6. Our Adoption: Our home study was finished and finalized last week and we sent it with some other docs off (on April 2) to the USCIS for approval!! We are praying that if it's in God's perfect will and timing that we'll get a quicker approval than the usual 3 months (I'll explain more later :)). :) We have *SO* much to fill you in on!! I can't wait! We are SO excited. :) Your prayers are so welcome for our family and for the little one that God is going to bring into our family. :)

7. Our Lil' Fam: We've also been doing some fun activities as a family like going to an Air and Space Museum, playing in a little pool on the deck, working on puzzles (it's good stuff), having some fun family dinners, going to family breakfasts on Saturday mornings with some of our great friends and their 5 littles, going for family walks and adventures, playing music together, playing a little tennis, having some game and ping pong nights with friends, and trying to find more opportunities for our family to serve together without over-committing. :) Our little ones are some pretty important lil' disciples. :)

And here is a taste of the largest picture dump known to blogland that I will post in full later in the week to prove all of the fun and silliness described above ;-)







I hope y'all are doing great!! I look forward to chatting, hearing your updates, and catching up on y'all!! Miss you!

P.S. Thanks for putting up with a bit of a longer post ;) Extra hugs for you! ;)

Trials happen and we may get overwhelmed at times, but our faith and trust is rooted in God, the only perfect One, and He never fails. -The NCF :)


BoholstWife said...

the kids look so have a wonderful are truly blessed

Cricket (Lauren) said...

All of the kids look so big! We miss y'all SO much!

Rachel said...

Wow....all sorts of fun and exciting things going on in your home! Glad you did and've been missed :)

the workaholic momma said...

YAY....sounds like you guys have SOOO much going on in your house!!! I cannot believe how big your kiddos are getting...glad to hear everyone is doing wonderful!!!

Lauren said...

what a great update! glad to hear that things are going so well for your beautiful family!

Sweet Simplicity said...

So glad to see an update!

Krystyn @ Really, Are You Serious? said...

So many exciting glad to hear everything is going so well.

Mandy Rose said...

Loved reading this post and seeing all the picture updates! I just love you to pieces! Praying that you get a quick approval! Keep me posted!

Jennifer said...

Love this update! So happy to hear things are great for your cute little family! How have the kids grown so much in just a couple of months? It's crazy!! :)

Anonymous said...

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