Monday, February 6, 2012

big things happening

big things happening - in random order ;)

1. We finally, after 3 months of waiting, closed on our new house! Home projects (on a budget ;)) to come!

2. Hubby and I have been getting up before the babies, praying, reading a few scriptures, and filling out our ADOPTION forms!! Prayers are welcome and encouraged. ;) We are beyond excited! A little (very) nervous about some things (will expand on soon!) but unbelievably excited about bringing a little one to join our family!! And the boys are excited too (and HM too, she just doesn't know it yet ;)), I can't wait to tell you some of things they've said. Makes me teary even thinking about it. They are such compassionate boys!! God has been pulling our hearts to this place for a long time. I can't wait to tell you more details!

3. We have been in discussion for months throwing around the term... MINIVAN! Yikes! ;) We didn't know if that would have ever happened. But the thought of sliding doors, that you don't have to worry about bonking another car when getting 3 littles in and out of the car, that open automatically!!!, is getting a little bit exciting, hehe. Do you have one? Do you love it? Which one?? We have mainly been looking at Odysseys so far....

4. We have decided to homeschool! :) Another thing that, before having our little ones, we did not think would ever happen. But God has definitely put on BOTH Hubby's and my heart and we are so excited about it. And I am so blessed to have my Hubby. He is an amazing daddy and such an encouraging Hubby. Mmm, so good.

5. We had HM's 1st birthday party yesterday!! We cannot believe that she is a year old now. We had such a wonderful time celebrating with family and friends. It was a Wrapped Candy Theme in turquoise with accents of light pink, white, and yellow; here is her invitation. ;-) More pics to come!!


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