Tuesday, December 6, 2011

A Little Update

Hi fam and friends! Woowee, it has been too long! I really hope y'all are doing great. Thank you so much for all of your texts, tweets, emails and messages checking in on me! It means so much to me!

Here is our little update:

1. We moved! Yes this is move #9 (we think :)). Eep :) We sold our house and will be closing on our new one very soon! (long story, whoo!) Any prayers you'd like to send for sanity are greatly appreciated. ;) As requested, here is the new place :) Interior pics to come, we can't paint and do finishing touches until we close (you know that is very hard for us ;))!

source from listing

2. Things have been a bit stressful the past few months but Hubby and I are trying to keep our eyes UP, where they belong, and we are completely trusting God. He is GOOD. More on this fact to come. :)


3. The boys are their sweet silly selves! Very silly and very sweet! Loving to laugh, sing, play, chat up a storm, and more as sweet-usual. :)


4. HM is walking!! With her silly smiley giggly mischievous self. :) Full on walking. Across rooms walking. Send chocolate and hugs and how to parent teenagers advice, because they're all almost teenagers already!!


5. Hubby has sent me to the spa a couple times for a couple treatments in the past couple weeks. He is won-der-ful. As usual! :) This morning I dropped BabyBoy off at preschool, went for my massage/scrub/wrap and Hubby kept Little and HM until after I picked BabyBoy up in the afternoon. As I tweeted this morning, I am so thankful for such a sweet, understanding, and very thoughtful Hubby. I am beyond blessed.


That's our goofy fam and latest! Any big news or anything at all from you that I missed?? Hugs!!

P.S. Please email me for our new address for your Christmas/Holiday card list!! And if your address has changed too! :)

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