Thursday, October 13, 2011

Silly girl in a stroller

We took a day trip adventure to a fun little town last month and took the littles to a children's museum. They had fun exploring (more pics to come :)) and Littlest had fun being silly in the stroller. :)

We love all of her different facial expressions! Here are just a few of them ;)


{Just chillin' with the fam}

{Kickin' up both legs :)}







Sweet silly baby girl!! :) 

We cannot get enough of her big blue eyes! We're wondering if they're going to stay blue! We're thinking the boys had changed from blue to brown by this time. When did your littles' or little ones you know, eyes change?

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Crystal Seed said...

Look at that smile! OMG, so cute!!!!

Ashley said...

SUCH a happy girl!! Too cute! I think the rule on eyes changing is 9 months? If they don't change by 9 months, then they will stay? I don't know where I heard that, though. Either way, hers are SO blue that I bet they are staying!

Ashley Paige said...

Oh, those are the sweetest pictures!! What a ham! I just love that smile! And I am a SUCKER for those baby blues! I'm not sure what to say about the eyes- when my OB saw Carter at my 6 week check up, she said "oh, his eyes are still that blue? looks like they're here to stay!" that seemed awful early- but she was right! I do think it's more along the 3-6month mark though!

Lulu said...

Oh my word, she gets more beautiful every day! I loved this!!! xoxo

daniella said...

She is soooo pretty. I can't get enough of her bright eyes and smile.

Faith said...

That sweet smile...oh my, is she cute!!!

Rebecca Jo said...

Yep... she's definitely part of your family... got that big smile :)

(I promise you - I've never seen such smiley kids then yours) :)

Off to check out that giveaway! love Erin Condren's stuff!

Lauren said...

She is absolutely PRECIOUS!!!!!!!!!!! :)

Perfectly Imperfect said...

she is adorable!! at one of bg's very first appointments, her ped looked at her eyes and said they would stay blue. i didn't believe him, but so far they appear to be here to stay. her's are really blue.. maybe they'll stay!

CBB said...

Look at those beautiful eyes! What a cutie!

The Shabby Princess said...

It kills me how much HM looks like you! I love it!

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