Sunday, October 2, 2011

Our new baby monitor! (with a vlog featuring it's features :))

Look what came a few weeks ago!


I was so excited to finally place the order and get this in the mail. And it isn't just a Baby monitor as the product states, it also functions as a wonderful Toddler monitor as well. Oh it's so sweet to see them sleep (and keep them in line at times :)) too! And the babies, when you think they're sleeping but they're just cruising around, playing, and just chillin' in their crib, that is great to see and be aware of too!

I would also like to thank Just Kids Store for a great deal, fantastic customer service (quick email response and a kind, helpful, efficient phone experience). They already had the lowest price around (I searched, and searched, and searched) and then received an additional discount! You know how I feel about great deals. I get *very* excited. ;-) And it was at our house before I could say, where's our package?! :)

I really wanted a video monitor when BabyBoy was born but it was too expensive with other things that we had to spend on, even after all of the wonderful gifts we were given by fam and friends. So when we found out we were pregnant with Little, it was the one thing I said I *really* wanted. A sale plus a coupon later we were the proud owners of the Summer Infant Flat Screen Video Monitor.

The main reason we began searching for a new monitor system is because we wanted/needed more cameras. We wanted one camera on each of the littles (while they are in different rooms/before the room sharing begins! :)) and one for our basement so the boys can play with their trains or toys downstairs together without us running down every couple minutes to make sure they're ok. We were happy with the Summer Infant Flat Screen Video Monitor; though one camera was more fuzzy than the other, kept meaning to call about it but just haven't yet.

After researching and reading review after review, we decided on the Summer Infant BabyTouch Monitor System.

We couldn't believe what it could do. Scan, pan, zoom, and talk back! We'd never heard of such baby camera technology. With up to four cameras!

So here is what we think:

The Good
*We LOVE that you can scan (automatically view from one camera to the next), pan (move around the room), and talk back (it's great, so many times to use this feature, with all three littles in their different stages). The boys especially love the pan and talk back feature too. :)
*Can see nice and clearly in daylight.
*Works well/can see clearly at a closer distance to the littles' bed/crib.
* Very portable and monitor when not on base has it's own kickstand. Can turn the screen on or off and/or just have sound or sound off, many possibilities.

The Not So Good
* It unfortunately, at night, is pretty grainy/not very clear from a distance/across a room. It is difficult to see the difference between the little one, the pillow, and the bed. You can see where they are again when you see big movements, like them rolling over or moving/re-positioning a lil' arm. But the closer you are the clearer it is.
* The zoom isn't that impressive, it can be grainy, especially at night.
* I would love if you didn't have to go through so many "touches" on the touch screen to switch between cameras, etc., but that might be a little nit picky.
* I would like it to have a bigger screen. (I know that affects portability but for us we like and wouldn't mind a bigger screen)

A vlog (video-blog) demonstrating (most of) it's features :)
1. This is the first and only take :)
2. I forgot to show the kickstand on the back which is great when you take it off the charger.
3. The cute, less than 1 minute, video of the boys below show more of how it can pan :)
4. I am a goof. I am well aware ;-).

Here are some pics in day and night: (one set taken with my phone, the pics are much less grainy in person)


{Littlest was supposed to be sleeping ;) she hadn't fallen asleep yet, how cute is she?? :)}

A little video: this is the first time I got it out of the package, set it up in the basement, and I just took a video of the boys because they were SO excited about how it worked!! :)

{we always say, "I love you so much!" you can't hear because the camera is moving, but Little says, "Mucccchhh too, Mama!" :-)}

Would we recommend it to fam and friends?
Yes! We love it! It is so nice to have the ability to have up to four cameras. The fact that you can scan around the room is wonderful. It really is clear the closer the camera is to your littles' bed/crib. When the boys are playing in the basement (between two rooms), we can look in the monitor and if they are on the other side of the room, we can just touch the screen of the monitor and pan on over to them. And then they laugh sometimes (especially Little :)) because they can see that we moved the monitor to see them. :) Lots of features, portable, great system! And we would definitely order from JustKidsStore again too!

You have to check out They really have great deals, free shipping, no tax! You can also follow them on twitter, @JustKidsStore, for info about all of their sales, specials, and more. Annnnnd go like them on Facebook and be automatically entered for some upcoming giveaways!! And tell them NCF sent you! :)

Do you have a video monitor? Do you love it?

*Though this was a sponsored post, every excited and honest thought in it is completely my own, I'm just blessed they wanted to sponsor my review. Thank you!

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AO said...

I like the basement monitoring idea...just might install our video monitor's camera down there to see what our two are up to those times they slip downstairs for a few minutes. :)

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