Tuesday, October 4, 2011

NapTime Project: Coupon Binder Edition

I am in re-organization mode.

I feel like I am getting settled after Littlest was born. You may say, wasn't she born 8 months ago? Yep, but she is our third sweet little and though everything is going really well, there are just a lot of adjustments, energy that has been recovering, aaaand we've been in house on the market/getting ready to get it on the market mode for almost 2 1/2 months now.

I just got my new planner (more on that later!), I've been re-organizing things all over the house and it is time to get back to saving some money on the grocery front. I use coupons for as much shopping as I can but I need to do better with groceries and really need to start meal planning! Eep! :)

This is the grand coupon organizer that I used to use... :)


{As you can see the labels kept falling out of it all the time}

Here is the new and improved Coupon Binder that I made yesterday!!


I used my Silhouette to cut the letters and glued them on scrapbook paper that I cut to fit the binder.


Tip: You can cut a piece of cardboard (can be thin cardboard) and glue it to the thin border piece to help push it into the side seam.


I used 8 tabs (Baby Items, Baking, Cleaning Supplies, Dairy, Dry/Boxed/Canned Goods, Freezer, Personal Care, Store/Restaurant - and printed on both sides :)). I may change them if I need to adjust or add more but for now this is what I have. :)


Then used business card plastic sleeves to put the coupons in. It is SO easy to see all of the coupons you have and not forget what you have because they get lost if you're flipping through a pile of them and flip through more than one at a time.


At the end for Store/Restaurant Coupons that might be a little bit bigger, I used regular ol' plastic sleeves. I also slipped in the P&G Saver/Smart Source/etc. and other local coupon magazines until I get a chance to clip them so they don't get lost and everything is in one place.



My biggest thing is to go online before I shop anywhere and see if there are any printable or online coupons (and will start again for grocery coupons too). But I think this will also help us save moneys and stay organized with grocery shopping! I look forward to bringing our new binder to the store with me/us! :)

And before anyone says (or thinks ;)) it, everything was pretty inexpensive or things we already had so it won't take many redeemed coupons to recover the money saving coupon book costs! ;-)

Do you coupon at all? Do you any organization or other tips?


Virginia Belle said...

Thanks for sharing your fabulous coupon binder! I currently use a little coupon file like you had. It has worked fine I guess but it's really annoying to sort through all of the coupons to get to the one I want. I will definitely keep your binder in mind :)

Whitney said...

Love this! I've been researching coupon binders lately. Love it!

Anonymous said...

What a great idea! I'll need to give this a try.

Lindsey said...

That's a good idea! I should do this. My coupons are all just stuffed in my planner.

Lauren said...

love it...I have one of those little plastic divided envelopes like you used to have! it takes forever for me to flip through them! You've inspired me, maybe I need to update my system before baby girl arrives!

Becca said...

Aw I only wish I was so organized . . .

Anonymous said...

Adorable binder! Love the polka dots! And it seems very practical too. I need to start couponing....

Tricia said...

I'm loving this! I need to get my little butt in gear with getting organized with coupons, but I just haven't made the effort. You now have inspired me. :)

Beach Bum & Baby said...

LOVE this. I use a small one - kind of like your old one and I really need to switch to a binder. I have coupons everywhere right now and it is driving me CRAZY! (Esp bc a lot of them are expired. NO BUENO!) Thanks for posting this!

And let's discuss your adorable watch! Where'd you get it - I have been wanting one like that!

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