Friday, October 7, 2011

A Mini Dream

Most of you know I used to be a high school orchestra director, played weddings and any events (even proposals, so fun!) with my string quartet (for almost 8 years!), have played at many churches on the worship team or orchestras, played in other orchestras/chamber ensembles, and taught private lessons, just to name a bit of musical involvement.

Each of the babies have had their own experiences with music so far, with BabyBoy leading the pack at being in utero, hearing and being inside the music with the orchestras I taught and conducted. There is nothing like standing on a podium and creating and being surrounded and inside the music with an orchestra. I have been known to sit in the car for a couple extra minutes, crank up a tune (classical or other), close my eyes, and just feel enveloped by the music.

BabyBoy started off playing his little piano, 1/8 size violin, then an old family guitar, now Little is playing the little violin, and HM is starting off on the lil' piano. And everyone singing too (and Hubby has a wonderful voice). :)

To say I love these pictures is an understatement.

{We are listening to tracks on the computer, last month, and the babies are rehearsing with me to play at church on Sunday.}

BabyBoy lives music. I live music. We all love music.


BabyBoy has been talking for quite some time now about being a worship leader at church. :) He pretends all the time with his guitar, "mic" stand, and microphone (just like in the pics). He sings about God and he sings to God. He has a little heart of worship.


My two mini dreams are: 1. For the babies to continue love music and praise God with all their hearts, and maybe even play in an orchestra one day. 2. That one day I'll have an orchestra or few to teach, conduct, and make music with again. Or start playing/performing a lot more often and more seriously again. Not right now, but someday.


And get excited friends, next week I will be hosting an Erin Condren Giveaway!!!!!!!!

*the dark pics, the lights had just gone out because of a storm that night :)


Ashley said...

Oh my goodness, baby boy is so cute singing his little heart out with his guitar! Love that :) You have a little 4-man band there!

Lauren said...

Love this!!!!!!!!! :)

Beach Bum & Baby said...

I love this hun. Love it!!! I wish we lived closer - I miss you!!!!!

Erica said...

This is random, but I think we now know where your great arms come from! :-)
The musical genius in your family is great... neither hubs or I have it at all. Hopefully our future kiddos do!

Sara said...

What precious pictures!!

ARK said...

Adorable pictures so precious! They all look like pros!

Clemson Girl said...

such wonderful family bonding time :)

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