Thursday, September 15, 2011

A Quick Update (and the giveaway winner :))

Hi friends and fam! Wooowee, things have been a liiittle busy and my mind is all over the place!

I've been saying for a bit now I really want to get a hard copy planner again and not just use my phone. I've always been a writer-things-downer and it does help to have something to touch and feel and physically write in to keep my mind focused, especially with all of the things we have going on, start of fall, new things beginning, woo! :) I'm hoping to get one very soon!

Here are some things I would need to fill in right away:
  1. MOPs meetings! I am going to be a DGL (Designated Group Leader) for MOPs (Mothers of Preschoolers) this year (we start back this Friday!). I even stepped out of my comfort zone and invited a random mommy I started talking to at the store yesterday morning. :)

  2. BabyBoy has started preschool of course, pictures are next Wednesday, can't forget that! :)

  3. I am playing (violin) on the worship team at church this weekend again! (With rehearsal on Thursday night.) First time since HM was born. Pray for me! I can't believe it. I love playing. I loved playing in my different orchestras, chamber ensembles, with my string quartet (for almost 10 years!) and I love being able to worship God and hopefully bless people in the process. Praying for God to bless my playing :)
The Giveaway Winner: Thanks for all of you who played along in the just for fun chocolatey giveaway! Congratulations toooooooo*.......

Blogger tamiv said...

Who doesn't love Chocolate! YUMMY!

Congratulations again and once I receive your address, I'll send your new chocolate lovers book to you!!

And if you missed: My Current Obsession, check it out and I'd love for you to weigh in on the question at the bottom of the post! You can come over and share!!! I'll make coffee with some yummy flavored natural creamer too. :) The NCF Coffee Shop! :)

*winner chosen by

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