Thursday, September 22, 2011

It's Scarf and Boots Time!

So the first official day of Fall isn't until Friday the 23rd, but it has definitely been fall weather that I like to refer to as pre-fall (and by, as I like to refer to as, is as of the other day :)).

And one of my favorite things about fall, and cool, crisp, cozy, comfort foody, weather, is fall clothes.

I love scarves. This is my current collection from over the years, cheapies, gifts, oldies. :)


You can wear them no matter who ya are. It was one of the items I could still wear while pregnant, while losing baby weight. They can change up an outfit. They are warm, cozy, and cute. You could wear practically the same outfit 3-5 times in the same week, switch up the scarf, and it becomes a new outfit! Ok, maybe not for most people, but it's pretty close for me sometimes ;-). I need help.

So because of this "pre-fall" weather, I have broken trump... errr... scarves, (we need to play some cards, cards anyone?) I have begun my scarf wearing.

{new cardi, Target, less than $10!}

{just don't look at my hair, it's confused, more on that another time :)}

And boot time! I love boots, I don't really own many, but I'd love to. :) That is my one big wardrobe goal for this fall/winter. A pair of cute riding boots.

Call me cheesy and unfashionable (I call myself unfashionable ;)) but I like the classic, jeans, long sleeve t, cardigan, scarf, cute boot, look. I never said I was fashion forward. I've never worn riding boots because I didn't think I was fashionable enough to pull it off. I also need to get a pair of skinny jeans (my 1st and only pair was when I was pregs with HM! hah). But I want to try it this year. :)

Am I too old for the jeans, long sleeve t, cardi, scarf, riding boots, look??

If the answer to that question is no... can you help me find a cute pair of riding boots for a good deal? I am authorized (within our budget :)) and ready to purchase! ;) I have not had the time to do a full research assault on brown riding boots. :) There is a pair I wish I would have purchased last year but just couldn't pull the trigger.

Help! Thank you!! Is it fally weather by you?


amy (metz) walker said...

I've never thought about hanging my scarfs in my closet that way. Genius! Thanks for the idea!

Lynsey said...

Great way to hang scarfs. I have scarf envy after seeing all of yours and I love your 2nd outfit.

daniella said...

I say, go for it! Riding boots are totally classic...Jackie Kennedy wore them. THAT classic. So many options out there and I can't really tell you where to look (since I'm not exactly shopping for boots at this season of my life) but I do remember when I was in VA my favorite place to go shop for shoes was the Potomac Mills mall and also the Fairfax Mall. It's small but has enough stores where you could find PLENTY, including Macy's, which I know always carry a good selection this season. I wouldn't order anything online unless you've seen them in person. As for color, I'd go with a brown, because it's more neutral than black. I'm serious. You could always wear brown riding boots with a black jegging type pant or a sweater dress and opaque tight, but it's harder to match black boots with all color clothing. Know what I mean? For example, brown boots will also look cute in the spring with a floral dress and denim jacket (or early fall when it's still ok to go without tights). Just go try a bunch on and make sure you're pleased with the fit and comfortability. As a general rule, they're not supposed to be too tight on the calf, but not too loose either. Basically, be able to tuck in your skinny jeans but not more than that. Wish I was there to go shop with you! You know we'd paint the town red :-)

The Smith Family said...

Check out Arturo Chiang's many different riding boots. I bought a pair last year and LOVE them. And they are reasonably priced. I know for sure Dillards carries them. They are wonderful quality and I get compliments on them every time I wear them. I just looked on Dillards web site and they have quite a few. Also Gap and the brand "it" has really good skinny jeans. Cant wait for it to cool off!!!

Megan said...

I need a good pair of boots too!
Loveee your scarf collection! You look fabulous!

Gooch Family said...

Ok I was just looking on Pinterest and saw some boots and thought of you b/c of this post. They look cute and for CHEAP! Here's the link..
I have riding boots that Dave got me last Christmas and I love them! You definitely aren't too old and would look super cute!

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