Friday, July 8, 2011

The Great NCF Roadtrip of 2011

It is official. It is happening. We're doin' it. We are adventuring. And we are excited! :)

We will be traveling around and across the US of A for almost 4 weeks! It will hereby be known as The Great NCF Roadtrip of 2011. Not, and not limited to, "NCF is Cray-zay," "What is NCF Thinking," or "Hahahahahaha."

With our three littles. Two boys - 4 and 2 years old (the day we arrive at our first destination) and baby girl - 5 months old. They'll do great! We're going to stick with that. ;) Oh sweet babies, I'm just praying they sleep well while we are road tripping it up.

I blogged about the potential trip here. It has changed a bit, our route out is different because we're going through Birmingham now! and it changed our route to go through Dallas!

Here is the adventure out!


1. Vacay to Emerald Isle, NC with Hubby's family - 5.5 hr drive
2. Business trip to Charleston, SC - 5 hr drive
3. Business trip to Birmingham (Huntsville), AL - 7 hr drive
4. Dallas - 9 hr 15 min drive
5. Visiting fam in a suburb outside of Phoenix, AZ - 15 hr 15 min drive

We are also going to get to see a bunch of friends along the way! So far it's: Lyndsey and ALM on the way to AL! Staying with Vitafamiliae in Birmingham and seeing Amy and Trina while we're there. Now Dallas is on the map, well our map ;), it's been so crazy here, I haven't talked with any Dallasonians yet. And Lulu and Miss E in AZ!

Here is the adventure back!


1. Suburbia, AZ to Oklahoma City or Tulsa - 14 hr drive
2. Little Rock, AR? - 5 hr drive
3. Nashville, TN - 5 hr drive
4. Home - 9 hr 15 min drive

I am so excited about seeing some wonderful Oklahoma girls and Heather in TN too! If I've missed anyone, let me know!

There may still be a couple little tweaks to the trip but that is the gist! :)

So here are some questions for YOU!

1. Any recs on where to stay in Dallas?
2. Or a great place in Oklahoma City or maybe Tulsa?
3. What music should we download for the trip so I don't have six songs on repeat the entire trip!! ;-) I can do it (wrote a bit about it a long time ago :)), but Hubby, I can burn him out on a good tune quick ;-).
4. Any recs or tips for our trip? I have a lot to post about what and how I've packed so far. As always love to hear any ideas! :)


heather @ mrs. southern bride said...

I love Dave Barnes for long road trips. There is a cheesecake factory in Dallas. :)

the workaholic momma said...

Oh my goodness - how exciting!!! This is always something I've wanted to do but my hubs isnt much for traveling on the open road. I hope you guys have a BLAST!!!!

Lauren said...

How fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

Miss Texan said...

I am from Dallas, so I don't have hotel suggestions since I've never had to stay in one there, ha. BUT, Cafe Brazil is my favorite place to eat there, other than any Mexican/Tex-Mex restaurant (they're pretty much all amazing). It's got a huge variety of food- all delicious!

Also, it looks like you'll be passing through Jackson, MS in the middle of the day? I live there now, and I'd highly suggest Sal and Mookie's if you want to stop for lunch. Great Italian food, fun kid-friendly atmosphere, and a full ice cream bar to boot :)

Have a great trip!

Trina said...

Yay this is so exciting!!!! Can't wait to see ya again :)

Becca said...

Good gracious that is a lot of driving :-) good for y'all, I hope it's super super fun!!!

Rachel said...

MAN! What a trip you have planned!! You are so brave, I don't even have children and I don't know i I'd want to be on the road for that long!

Of all the places you're going, the only place I know semi-well is Nashville. J went to school at Vandy so I've spent some time there. It's a charming city with lots to see. Pancake Pantry is a famous breakfast place that's lots of fun!

Our Plain Life said...

So fun...if you get bored, head on up north we would love to have you. ;) My biggest tip would be to leave early, early, especially on your long days. 4 a.m., or even 3 a.m. (if you get to bed on time the night before). The earlier we left the kids went back to sleep because it was still dark. I would feed Simon and then hit the road. Dan would get a good 4 hours of quiet driving before the kids would wake up and want breakfast. Then I would toss them some mini muffins to hold them over until we stop for breakfast. Have fun!!!

Anonymous said...

I live in Huntsville which is smack between Birmingham and Nashville so we go to both those cities quite a bit. You are going to love both those cities. Pray you have a safe, fun, and easy trip!

Karah said...

I hope you guys have a wonderful road trip. I can't wait to hear about your adventures. I so wish I lived a little closer to Dallas so i could see you guys. :(

The St. John Family said...

What a fun trip. We are military and in 2009 we made the trip from NC to AZ. Everyone gave us a lot of tips but the biggest one was once you hit Midland, TX. Stop for gas when you see a gas station. There are not a lot between there and when you enter AZ. You will see one about every 2 hours maybe a little more in some places. Also watch at the rest stations most had horrible huge ants everywhere. Hope you have a great time!

Shannon said...

Oh how fun! What's the question mark beside AR for? Btw, I'm in Little Rock, AR! How exciting!!!

Suz said...

Too bad you aren't just a little north of little rock and you could stop by and meet up with us! :) We're in NW Arkansas! Tulsa is only about 1 1/2 hours from us! HOpe you all have a fab trip! My hubby would loveto do a trip like this!

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