Sunday, May 15, 2011

Love and Hugs

Hi Fam and Friends! I hope y'all are doing so well!

I have come to say that I am sorry. Life has been a liiiittle busy and my energy and time has been soaking up this fantastic fam of mine. (and some resting for mama ;))

I appreciate every single one of you who reads our 'lil life as an NCF (caveated: some artificial caffeine for mama required ;)) and I love and am SO thankful for every comment you leave! True statement!

I feel so badly that I have not been able to keep up with y'all for a little while now. I wanted to let you know that I haven't been reading or commenting solely because there are not 33 1/2 hours in a day, NOT because of anything personal at all.

{Mother's Day (self-timer!) oh I love ALL of their smiles! :)}

We have been getting into a great routine, and then have been pushed out of it with different activities and adventures, getting back to it again, working through times of extra discipline and testing, great sleeping gone awry, working to get it back, going to MOPs, Hubby's softball games (so glad he's getting to play again), tagging along with Hubby on a business trip (to the beach :)), events, playdates/groups, Hubby leading and us hosting small group each week, silly stresses that drain. energy. fast., trying to stave off my insecurity of feelings of rejection in real life and blog/twitterland (silly but real :)), wonderful and tiring non-stop days, striving/attempting to keep the house (how do we use so many dishes and so much laundry? ;))... and more (including the fact that I have been losing my mind - oh boy, blog post to come!). :)

Thank you for sticking with me even though I have not been able to reciprocate lately. I'm coming to you soon! And if you see a comment from me on someone's blog and not on yours yet, it just means I haven't gotten to you yet.

Lots of love and hugs!


Rachel said...

What a great photo of the whole NCF clan!! You guys all look fabulous! So glad I got to see you last week :)

Lindsey said...

Such a sweet photo of all of you! And great art work in the background!

Joelle said...

cute white pants! hope you're surviving!

Lauren said...

What a great photo! I don't even have 3 kids and sometimes I am just wishing & hoping for 33 1/2 hours in a day!

Anonymous said...

I am a new reader to your blog but, seriously, everyone should give every mama of little ones a TON of Grace! May you feel lots of it!

Glad you got to go on a little trip and getting the hang of three. I only have two and the thought of three blows my mind right now.

Jillian said...

Such a beautiful family!!!

Ashley said...

Such a sweet family, and I am impressed with all those smiles, especially on a self timer pic! :) I feel overwhelmed sometimes with just one baby, so I can imagine how busy life is for you! And girl, I can tell you that I do understand your feelings on rejection. It IS silly to feel that way (especially) in blog/twitter land, but I will be 100% honest in saying that my feelings do get hurt pretty much daily through one or another...for silly reasons like no one responds to my tweets or no one comments on my blog. SO silly, but it's true. You're not alone in that! :)

Classy Fab Sarah said...

Such a great family photo1 You all look SO GREAT!

the workaholic momma said...

What a beautiful family:) It was so wonderful meeting you last week at the blogger meet-up - I had so much fun!!!

Perfectly Imperfect said...

such a great a family picture!!! i miss y'all!!!

Renee said...

Great family picture! Your house looks great too.

Heather @ Mrs. Southern Bride said...

Sweet photo!!! Hope you have a blessed day. :)

Kelsey @ Seattle Smith's said...

Thank God for self timer -- I'm impressed you captured the kiddos so perfectly!

The Shabby Princess said...

Okkkk, can we discuss how cute y'all are? SERIOUSLY.

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