Tuesday, April 19, 2011

New Family Pic: Blessed

With little people smiling at the same time!, in the same picture!, and, completely bias, looking mighty cute ;-) Look at those smiles! :) And can you believe we got it with the self timer?

{BabyBoy 3 1/2, Little 1 1/2, and Littlest 12 weeks old :)}

Blessed beyond measure. Praying, almost daily, for wisdom in raising our little people in God's word to be His servants. Striving to focus on the right things. Aiming to be thankful and content everyday. Understanding we can't do it on our own - we have seen His work with our own eyes - and all glory belongs to Him.

Seeking to live out our family verse: Joshua 1: 7-9:

“Be strong and very courageous. Be careful to obey all the law my servant Moses gave you; do not turn from it to the right or to the left, that you may be successful wherever you go. Keep this Book of the Law always on your lips; meditate on it day and night, so that you may be careful to do everything written in it. Then you will be prosperous and successful. Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the LORD your God will be with you wherever you go.”

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Birthday Weekend Surprises

Over the weekend, on Sunday April 10th, I took a big step into the 30s. I turned 31! Normally, the number doesn't really bother me, tis but a number ;), but this year... I feel old. :-)

Maybe because I have been married for almost 8, amazing, years. Or have three, sweet growing so fast, babies. Or am in completely terrible shape right now (and have a ton of baby weight to lose ;)) and I feel... slow. ;)

Hubby made it a super special birthday, he was so thoughtful with everything he had planned! My mom was out of town and he didn't trust anyone else to watch all the babies yet (good boy ;)) so he planned the day with a little bit of everything.

It really turned into a birthday weekend. :) Friday night after the babies were in bed, Hubby went out and got some sushi for us while we relaxed and watched some shows. :)


Saturday was a day full of surprises! Surprise #1: he got all of the babies all dressed up to take me out for breakfast. All the boys had on their cute pink shirts (the littles were pink checked and Hubby's striped, I love boys and men in pink!) and HM had a sweet smocked pink dress. :)

{since it is near impossible to get both littles with their big smiles in the same pic... here is Little's big smile (hehe)...

...and BabyBoy's happy smile while Little's smile was getting a lil tired, haha}


Surprise #2: he handed me keys to his car, had the GPS set, and sent me to a cute little downtown near us to go to a spa! :) He had everything paid and just sent me with some money for tips. I had a facial and a massage, it was SO nice! My back has been hurting like crazy and my face definitely needed some love and attention. :)

Afterwards, I walked around a cute little shop called Monkees and got a fun blue polka dot scarf for the spring.

Hubby had it all planned out, because Surprise #3: when I got home it was during the littles naptime (he had already fed them lunch and put them to bed), and he had the table set for two, candles, flowers, and a huge spread of Chinese take out for lunch. SO sweet! It was time to feed Littlest and after she ate she sat in her bouncer and hung out with us while we ate. :)


Surprise #4: After the babies got up from their naps, they all took me out for ice cream. It was the first time we had all been out for ice cream in such a long time. It was so yummy and so much fun. :)

{I chose a Peanut Butter Craziness - don't remember the name ;) - dark chocolate, R's peanut butter cups, R's pieces, with peanut butter swirls. Whoa. I shared too! :)}

Then on Sunday! My mom came over (yay!!), went to church with us, we had to stay a little bit longer to recruit a couple more couples for our small group. Hubby and I got to go for a lunch date to a new little sushi place! SO good! We came home, I fed HM, then we went out for a MickeyDs ice cream cone ;), and then we went to play a little tennis. It felt so good to hit around again! It has been so long.

{We got three dishes and split them all :) I was so excited about the sushi and food, I forgot to get a pic of us ;)}

It was a fantastic birthday! Hubby spoiled me and I love how thoughtful he was.

And these cute little people sang Happy Birthday to me the whole weekend! Well, Little just smiled while BabyBoy sang :-)


Monday, April 4, 2011

Kitchen Before and After

Really this is the Before and "Just About" After :) Finally! ;) I kept not sharing because it still isn't completely completed, but it's time. :)

It still needs new lighting over the kitchen table, maybe one above the sink and/or desk area, and we're contemplating 2 pendants above the island (if it won't look too busy with the overhead lighting) and curtains.

We moved into our new house almost 2 years ago now. We've enjoyed buying semi fixer uppers (no structural damage) because we've gotten great deals, while knowing we can make the profitable upgrades for better deals than if we paid for the house already upgraded. We - especially me ;) - are deeeeal shoppers, I drive myself crazy, *crazy* I tell you, trying to find the best deals, deep breath... The houses really just need a lot of updating, new carpet, kitchen countertops, appliances, paint (de-wallpapering, yikes), and a lot of love.

Over the course of a year and a half, this is what we've done... and we (err, mostly Hubby ;)) did almost all of it ourselves to save *a lot* of money. Hubby is won-der-ful and has taught himself (I am such a proud wife!) how to do everything - lighting, plumbing, and so much more ;). He installed the overhead lighting, appliances, floor, faucet, we painted the cabinets and he installed hardware to the cabinets (having to redrill every single new hinge and drill for all the new hardware).


{pic from the listing}

{first before pic from when we moved in, there was no fridge when we moved in, so that was our first purchase :)}





I had originally gotten this fabric (last year) for the curtains or at least the one over the window... but not sure if it's too modern or too... something. :) Can you have one color over the half window and the fairly plain color (like the ivory in this fabric) for sliding glass door?


And not sure if it's too much orange in the house. ;) The kitchen is open to the family room (orange rug) pictured below and walks into the dining room (orange walls)... or could this be considered tying the rooms together? :)


I'm also looking for new flour jars for the countertop. I'd love pretty glass jars with a cute handle, but with big mouths, so I can level a one cup measuring cup without getting a little flour on the counter. :) Any other decorations you think that would look nice??

What we did:
*Replaced countertops (got free deep, two tub sink) - found good cheap company, got least expensive granite (but it's granite :))
*Replaced faucet
*Replaced (over the course of time) all appliances - Lowes price matches, so I went online and found the cheapest prices I could find, and a great guy at our Lowes did it for us every time... they normally only price match brick and mortar stores, not online retailers, but I told him we'd be buying a lot from them and he was awesome.
*Overhead lighting - Hubby installed
*Painted, hung (coffee :)) wall art, painted cabinets, attached hardware for cabinets
*Floor - we chose a vinyl that looks like ceramic tile so it's nice and soft for the babies and was really cheap, pretty easy to install ourselves (mostly Hubby ;)), and super easy maintenance. It was a good choice for our fam for now.

A lot of times you can find a 10% coupon at Lowes or Home Depot, they take each other's coupons or sometimes they'll have special deals to buy a gift card and you get additional money put on it for free. Keep your eyes out for sales on the items you need and you can even ask the employees if they know when the next lighting, flooring, etc. sale will be if they're not on sale when you first look. :)

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