Thursday, March 24, 2011

Keeping Busy

Hi fam and friends! I've been keeping pretty busy over here, I hope y'all have been doing great! Here are some things we've been up to...

1. The babies and I have been going to MOPs every 1st and 3rd Friday from 9:30-11:30am. I love that BabyBoy and Little get to play in their classes with great workers and other littles. And HM and I get to hang out with other mommies, maybe learn something new, munch on some food, and have some laughs.

Side note that makes me laugh: Every time I go anywhere with all of the babies, especially on the way home, I keep looking in the backseat to make sure that I have everybody! haha. And that they're all buckled in tight. :) I'll have to post about the logistics of how I go out by myself with all of them now; who I get out first, how we all get from the car to our destination, etc.. :) I've gotten in a groove and have even taken all of them, by myself!, to Chick Fil A to eat with a friend and her littles. :) And they all did great :) We had some fruit spillage on the floor, I ate after everybody else was fed, and was sweating for a bit like I ran a marathon, but I would do it again. :)

{Yep, they're all there! My view from the driver's seat :)}

2. We have small group at our house every Monday night. Hubby does a fantastic job leading it. He is always so well prepared, he really puts his heart into it, and I can truly tell. We have a fabulous small group and we've all learned so much so far. We kicked off our 4th new study this past week, so I made a quick cake! :) and coffee ;)


3. I started a playgroup with girls from church and our neighborhood! Every 2nd and 4th Monday :) I have to say, I am proud of myself ;) We've had two playgroups already, the third is coming up on Monday. It's been such a wonderful time to get to know some other fantastic mommies and littles and all get to play together. Everybody has littles around all of the babies' ages and it has been such a blessing so far!

Here are just some of the mommies and littles. Most have stayed to eat lunch together before heading home for naptimes. And all of those boys are so well behaved during lunch, it is so cute and wonderful to see! :)


4. We've gone to a bounce house place (I can't say the name since it's just local :)) several times. A friend invited us and a bunch of other mommies and their littles and once with an old playgroup. They have big blow up slides and obstacle courses, bounce houses and toys for the younger littles to play with too. Hubby has been able to go with us twice since he didn't have morning meetings those days. They always have a great time.




5. And taking care of the house and these three little people every day. :) We're settled in a great routine, which is flexible around activities. It doesn't mean there aren't frustrations or tough days but the routine is wonderful. I'll have to post a schedule of how our days run soon too. :)


I feel terrible that I haven't responded to comments or emails very quickly or at all yet! I'll start to answer or think about it or am not on my computer to retrieve info or something pulls me away and then I get busy or tired and forget. I'm sorry! I'm working on getting it into the routine so I can keep up with y'all and get back to your questions because I appreciate them and you so much! :)

I can get pretty tired sometimes but I am in love x4 (Hubby included)! And SO blessed!


Wendy said...

So happy for you. I don't know how you do it all - you are truly a supermommie!

Sweet Simplicity said...

That cake looks amazing! You are so good at that!

Whitney said...

A total inspiration. I just love you!

Perfectly Imperfect said...

girl. you're amazing. i can barely get anywhere with just me and bg!! hats off to you!

Hillary said...

I love that cake plate!! Where did you find it??

Virginia Belle said...

What a wonderful view from the front seat of your car. They are so adorable! I hope you guys have a great weekend :)

ARK said...

You are so talented making cakes, you need to go into business in your free time. You do have alot of free time with three young children right?

The Farmer Files said...

ahhh yes....I knew these days would come for you. You are not the same woman that posted about the "adjustment" at 4 weeks. Welcome back. ;)

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