Monday, March 14, 2011

The Ceremony and Finale for Littlest's Naming

If you missed the first two posts click Part 1 - Fam pics and Background or Part 2 - Decorations :)

For the ceremony, my Mom walked Littlest into the room (a sweet honor), the Rabbi (who was recommended to us ETA: and did both of the boys bris, which were wonderful) told a couple stories and how it ties in to the Bible, said some prayers for and over HM and us, gave her name, her Hebrew name and the meanings, Hubby gave a little speech about where they were from and what they meant to us, and then we all dug into the celebratory meal, hung out, and then cut into the cake. I honestly forget everything the Rabbi said, I wanted to record it and with so much else going on, completely forgot. He has such a strong accent and he is such a funny character. Here are some pics from the little ceremony. :)


During the ceremony we had my Mom hand Littlest to each of the grandparents and great grandparents to hold and give a little kiss.


Guests! Friends and fam who were so sweet to come and celebrate this special day with us!!


And we set up the laptop in a good spot and Skyped my Dad and Aunt in from Arizona! It was so special to us that they got to be a part of it too! :)


My Mom (aka Grandma or Mamo, hehe) with the babies :) She is a beyond amazing Mom to Hubby and I, and Grandma to the babies!! We appreciate her so much, she is so special to us!!! (and she's fun and hilarious :) we all have so many ongoing jokes together and always have so much fun) We love you Mom!!


She was a mighty sleepy girl after her big day :)


Happy fam :) Really, both boys have been so sweet to her from day. one. (Little is still working on being gentle all the time :) but they both ask to hold her and they talk to her and are excited when she's up and awake :) now, they have their own toy tiffs but they LOVE being bros and are really become buddies, it is so sweet!!)

{excuse my goofy way happy smile, I am really happy ;), and my double chin (not so happy about that ;-)}

Seriously, we thank God everyday for His abundant blessings!! Though we may not always think things are "perfect" (if there is such a thing besides our Lord and Savior) or we may worry or wish something would change or be different, I am not being cheesy at all, but though everything is not perfect and we are not perfect, our life is "peeerfect!" To God be ALL the glory.


Wendy said...

What a blessed family! So precious. Is this the same ceremony in which they would have the bris for the boy? I've been to one of those - so interesting and meaningful!

Trina said...

Amen! Your family is precious!

The Shabby Princess said...

Your family is so sweet and so beautiful! What a wonderful celebration of Littlest!

Heather said...

Such sweet pictures!!! You are glowing in that last one. :) I'm glad everything was so meaningful, and beautiful for you all!!

5th Belle Avenue said...

PRECIOUS! Your little family is PERFECT!!

Anonymous said...

What a special event to share with family and friends! Isn't Skype the best!

Virginia Belle said...

It sounds like such a special and beautiful day for everyone involved. You really have the sweetest family! The last picture of you guys is perfect!

Lauren said...

Such a sweet time for all of y'all!!! Love the pics!! :)

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