Wednesday, January 26, 2011

BabyBoy Singing - Oh Holy Night and Solfege Scale

We interrupt sweet chunky cheek baby pics to bring you BabyBoy (ETA [1/31]): 3 1/2 yrs old) singing! :)

He loves to sing! We are a music loving house! He makes up his own tunes and words to songs (just like Daddy, so funny! :)). He sings and play the piano, his little violin, the guitar, and while dancing. Love it! I'll have to post him beat-boxing and dancing too :) I've been meaning to post him singing for forever but here are a couple from Christmas Day!

Oh Holy Night - always a fave in our family :) and if you listen carefully, you can hear Little singing too! ahh love it :) He usually sings it even more on but this was the sweet version I got that day :) I have a video of BB singing it last year (with no help) too that I'll have to find on another computer! :)

The Solfege Scale - he normally sings it a little faster and straight up and down but this time it appeared he was going for a little more dramatic effect. :)


Sarah said...

OH MY WORD!!! Cannot handle the cuteness of that video!!!!

Annie said...

way TOO cute!!!! haha!!! i LOVE when little ones sing!! he has the cutest little singing voice :)

pastaandwaffles said...

He's the next Michael Buble, I promise. :P :P So cute!!!

Rebecca Jo said...

How precious is that!!!! I love the Little Brother just sitting listening :)

Perfectly Imperfect said...

oh I just love that little boy!! So sweet!!

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