Monday, December 20, 2010

What To Do When It Snows

Stay cozy, cook, bake, eat, and relax with the fam!

I have to say, when it starts snowing, I get excited about the excuse to "have" to stay in, and cook and bake cozy comfort food :) and Hubby can't go anywhere for meetings ;-)

First up on this snow day was: A big pot of Chili! It's a recipe I grew up making with my Mom, it never comes out the same :) You just add until it looks and tastes good. And the longer it goes on the stove, the better all of the spices and flavors blend, and the better it tastes.





And cornbread from scratch! I use this recipe from


Then for dinner I made Artichoke and Tomato Pasta (and I added chicken) by Pioneer Woman. Oh my goodness, it was so yummy, and a big hit with all of the boys! I've made it a few times before, but this was the best it's turned out :)




And for dessert, chocolate chip cookies made with limited edition dark chocolate and mint morsels! I just use the recipe on the back of the semi sweet morsels bag :) Yummy!


{not the best pic, but yummy :) the second batch was a little less done, Hubby likes them a little crispier and I like them softer :)}

And of course get everybody all bundled up in lots of layers to play in the snow. Little is wearing BabyBoy's big coat from last year :) and BabyBoy got a hand me down coat.


Next time, I'm making a Chicken Pot Pie! What comfort foods do you love to make in the winter? And I love all of the ways to reinvent chili for leftovers! Chili mac, as a dip with chips... how else do you reinvent chili??


THE Stephanie said...

Oh my goodness!! Look at all that snow!

And the chili and pasta both look so yummy!!

Jillian said...

I love!! I use so many recipes from there!!

Lauren said...

Oh myyyy, all that food looks delish!!! The snow looks gorgeous!! Cute pics :)

The Shabby Princess said...

How did I not know there was dark chocolate and mint morsels?!?!?!!?!?? What yumminess have I been missing out on? This is a major tragedy!

My husband and I are the same way with cookies--I like my a bit ooey gooey!

Jenn said...

I love PW! She's amazing and her recipes are delicious! I hadn't seen this one, but I'm going to try it. Sounds so easy!

daniella said...

Put chili on chips with some diced tomatoes, olives,cheese, onion, etc and put in oven for NACHOS!!!!!!!!!!!!

Boys are getting so big. Which is good, because they'll need to protect sister, right? Miss you guys!

California Wife said...

I'm definitely adding that tomato and artichoke pasta to my menu sometime soon, that looks delicious!

Annie said...

now i'm craving chili like no other!!! oh and chicken pot pie sounds delish!! ah, maybe i should eat something....
cute pics of the boys! :)

Renee said...

Umm, chocolate and mint!

Paul, Lauren, Witt, and Nash said...

The pasta and cookies look so yummy, will them both tomorrow. I have a great turkey chili recipe from It is a crockpot recipe that has b'nut squash, apples, and coconut milk in it. I usually double the recipe so I can freeze some and serve it with mini corn muffins. And if you go to Martha Stewart's Food Everyday page and search for "lighter chicken pot pie", you will find an awesome recipe for a cpp that uses phyllo dough instead of a thick doughy topping. It is the best! Sorry for the marathoon post. Looks like you guys are having a blast and enjoying lots of fun family time. Merry Christams!


Rachel said...

I need to find those chocolate chips. I MUST have them!

Karen At Home said...

Wow, I am drooling!! It all looks so yummy!

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