Thursday, December 30, 2010

Our Holiday Card 2010 - Winter Wishes!! ;-)

Winter Wishes friends and fam!! ;-) Ok, I feel like I need to explain our card! There was some twitter chatter about people wanting to say Merry Christmas not Happy Holidays, but wait... Winter Wishes!! haha

Let me explain!

We have wonderful family that doesn't celebrate Christmas, so we always go for the Happy Holidays card.

But this year, I had a hard time choosing the layout because of the pics I wanted to use (long story :)). So this layout... from "Winter Wishes!!" was the layout for us this year. I searched far and wide for a Happy Holidays version with this layout annnnnnd, I loved that this card had a "back" to it. So at least we were able to say a little something back there. I meant to add Many Blessings or something else too! But it was uber late and I was in the get it ordered phase, so I forgot :)



So now let us say to each other... "Winter Wishes!" "Winter Wishes!" to you and you and you. hahah.

and Happy New Year!! We're low key hanging out with friends, playing games, snacking on yummy treats I'm sure, and my Mom is SO incredibly sweet that she is staying over with the boys and Hubby and I are going to stay in a hotel for a little getaway!! And we'll be up near our hospital and hoping Littlest comes on Friday!!! :)

Happy New Year friends and fam!! I wish you so many blessings and an incredible 2011! Xoxoxo


Lauren said...

Such a precious card! Love it!

Sarah said...

Beautiful family! Have a great time and can't wait until your sweet Hannah makes her big debut! Prayers and hugs! xo

Lindsey said...

You have the most gorgeous family! Love the card!!! Happy New Year friend!:)

Virginia Belle said...

I love your holiday card! That is such a great picture of your beautiful family. Enjoy your night of freedom, you deserve it :)

Randall @ Happy For This Moment said...

Darling "winter wishes" card and great pictures!

Mrs. Potts said...

You guys had such a beautiful card! I love the family picture, although I don't know if I think it is fair that you all are so stunning. :)

Have a wonderful New Year & WINTER WISHES!!!

AO said...

Very sweet portraits of you all. :) Nice color choices.

Hope that if Littles DOES decide to arrive in the next couple of days that it's in time for a tax credit. ;)

Sweet Simplicity said...

I love the pictures! Your belly looks so good!! It's almost time...yay!

Happiness Is... said...

I love your card! I feel like "Happy Holidays" is just a PC way of saying Merry Christmas but I do the same thing since I have a lot of Jewish friends...but half the time the colors are still red and green so I feel like I am defeating the purpose. Oh well! It's the thought that counts.

The Shabby Princess said...

Such a cute card!! Winter Wishes! Happy New Year!

Rachel said...

I loved your cute card!! And just think, next year little Hannah gets to be on it :)

Happy NYE to your sweet family!

Marissa said...

Great card!!!

Sherrie said...

Love it!

Stephanie said...

So precious!
I love reading your blog...just gave you an award.

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