Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Ideas for Littlest's Nursery :)

It's nursery time! Time to decorate! and it is such a hard decision! I want it to be beautiful, girly, classic, fun, sweet, and cozy. There are going to be pink and ruffles for sure! With two sweet baby boys and lots of blue, we're going "all in" girly now ;-).

I've looked a bunch at different bedding sets from different stores seeing a couple sets that were cute, and then I've had a bunch of friends who have done custom bedding that introduced me to a couple sites that you can look through fabrics and design your own bedding set. So I looked, I designed, got some lovin' feedback, and I'm stuck on this bedding set! Paisley, stripes, polka dots, hot pink, light pink, green, ruffles. :)

I wish it was less expensive or I knew someone who could make it for less but it's really not that much higher than the everyday stores' bedding prices (although the price does rise with a few extras. eeks) and it is lower than other sets I've seen too! Annnnnd if we adopt a little love it could get used again! :)


It's not set yet, but I am loving it and Hubby is too :) Whatdayathink? Be honest! :)

We have our 32 week appointment Wednesday morning! The other night I was having some crazy contractions (Braxton Hicks I'm sure) and with our upcoming trip to Arizona, they had me a little worried (because I'm already supposed to be taking it easy when we're there). I've been having some, but the other night was a different story. I've also been stressing about some different things, that I need to relax about. I'm trying to remind myself to think eternal but these things are on my heart or important to me and they're having me pretty bummed, a little hurt, a lil stressed. ;)


Gooch Family said...

Oh I absolutely LOVE it!! I'm so glad you are going all out! Drives me crazy when people don't want their girls wearing or having anything to do with pink :)

Karah said...

I love this bedding! Its so cute :) Also sending prayers your way that whatever is on your heart God will give you comfort. No matter how big or small we all still need God to rely on. Love you friend!!

Blue-Eyed Bride said...

You know I love it! So glad you decided to get with the pleated skirt. It's gong to buy you a lot more time (and ability to hide stuff under the crib).

THE Stephanie said...

So cute!!! I just love it all!

Happiness Is... said...

It's so fun and so girly! I am a more neutral and subtle kind of person (i.e. our nursery is almost all neutral with small accents of blue), but that said, it's really fun! I just like softer colors.

Shannon said...

That's gorgeous and the paisley and stripes are both pattens we used in my daughter's nursery! I love it! We have very similar tastes, right down to the pink lined baskets and pink rug. We got our pink rug from PB kids and it has a bit of a criss cross pattern in it...love it. Just be careful though, depending on where you have it in the nursery, pink since it's so late will show dirt rather quickly. We had ours right in the traffic pattern to the changing table so it saw a lot of foot traffic, needless to say. We just finished steam cleaning it though and it looks good as new! Again beautiful room!

Here's the link...we changed a bit since then but just wanted to share...


Have a great Wednesday!


Lea said...

I love it! Green and pink is so pretty together.

I think we might go this route for baby bedding too. What site did you use? I'd love some suggestions. Thanks!

Virginia Belle said...

I love it! The addition of green to the pink is perfect and the paisley fabric is gorgeous!

Amber said...

I don't think I'd be one to go all out girly so I love seeing when others do! Looks like you've made some wonderful choices so far. I can't wait to see it once it all comes together. Would you mind sharing the bedding sites you found? We won't buy until we know the gender but I'd like to do some research in advance. xoxo

Randall @ Happy For This Moment said...

Pretty! I really like the mix of strips and floral patterns.

Casa Cannon said...

Great choice! the curtains are great. hope you can rest up and relax, no stressing!

The Shabby Princess said...

So pretty! I love it! It's girly and cute without being too cutesy. I think it's perfect.

Praying for you sweet friend that the pregnancy will continue to go well and that whatever issue is going on will be resolved soon.


Mrs. Classic said...

So cute! I love the pink and green. It must be so exciting to be expecting a girl.

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