Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Baby Bump: 30 Weeks!!

Last Wednesday we hit 30 weeks!! I can't believe it! Baby girl love is cookin' and kickin' away!! :)

Well, I can only partially believe it because of how many people keep telling me how big I am ;-)

Things People Have Really Said:
*"You're so big!" she quickly said trying to save herself, "I mean, you're all belly, but it's so big." Nice try girl, nice try ;)
*"You must be due any day now!" Nope, January 12th! :)
*"Are you having a girl?" In mama preggy terms, this means, you look wide and huge (old wives' tale) ;)
*"You're so big already." Oh, thank you so much, since when has that been a kind thing to say? :)

Others for whom I am very thankful:
*Neighbor, "You look so good, you're all belly."
*Sales clerk, "Are you having a boy?? It just looks like you're carrying a basketball, all in your belly."
*Random people in stores or out and about, "Are you having a boy, you're all belly!"
*Sweet sweet friends say that I look tiny or just belly. Not that I really believe them, but I love them. ;)
*My Hubby, "You don't even look pregnant from behind." ahh love :)

I'm not going to lie, I feel big, but I usually just laugh it off when people say things before they really think about what has just come out of their mouth. Because I am thankful for a healthy little bean and am trying not to focus on silly things :) (Sometimes I, or Hubby ;), repeat that to myself ;)) And I try to justify my size by quickly saying, it's my 3rd! I measured 50 weeks after our first preggy (due to a complication our little had), and this is just how I carry, way out :-) and I always gain a lot of weight! :) Oops! I love food and the littles ask for it while they're in there ;-) Our appetites combined is quite a combo, hee.

Baby Bump: About 29 1/2 weeks: (at end of the night! ;)) Dressed for a GNO (more on that soon :)). I'm not used to wearing skinny jeans 'n boots, but it was fun and the jeans are SO comfortable. :)



Baby Bump: 30 1/2 Weeks: Date Night with Hubby!! :)



Nursery & Bedding Ideas and What Are We Going to Call Littlest??? coming soon!! :)

And if you missed my last post of some super cute pics of our Birthday Boy & all the boys, click here :)


Rachel said...

You REALLY do look fabulous. And I've seen you in person so I have the right to say that :) But seriously, you do the whole pregnancy thing very well :)

Miss E said...

You look AH-MAZING! Really, you do. All belly! I love your outfits...it's hard to tell you're even pregnant from the front!

Michelle said...

You are an absolute beauty - inside & out!

ourhomeinprogress said...

I think you look great! Plus when the baby drops, your belly goes down a bit. I was a tad smaller at the very end because of that!

PS You do look like your carrying a basketball!

Beth said...

Seeing you the other day, I agree that you look terrific!!! You are amazing, and are very busy growing a sweet little girl :) Don't stress about silly things like size! God has blessed you so wonderfully, and He has all those details under control. Love you!!

Jon and Steph said...

It is so true!! You really are teeny tiny... and all belly. You look fantastic. I know I won't be so lucky when I am that far along! What ever you are doing, it is working for you girl!

Sarah said...

You look FABULOUS!!! you really are ALL BELLY :) Can't wait to see bedding and hear the sweet name :)

Suz said...

Yeah you look amazing! You seriously look like you stuck a balloon in your shirt and that you are pretending to be preggo! Haha! That means you're totally blessed! :) a little envious I might add!!

The Shabby Princess said...

You look darling! As I always say, you are such a cute little preggy mama. And I LOVE the skinny jeans with the boots outfit, how fun!

Trina said...

I love that last outfit you have on! And you aren't big by any means, but that belly is sticking out there for sure! lol My sister in law carried my niece that way. We always said it looked like Avery was in there laying longways the way her belly just poked straight out! lol

You are super cute preggers, girl ;) Don't fret about that.

Jennifer said...

I think you look wonderful! And I'm not just saying that. You really wouldn't know this was your 3rd pregnancy! You do look like you have a basketball under your shirt in the 2nd picture! So cute!

I have always been amazed at what people say to pregnant women. Some of my friends who haven't had babies would tell me how big I was and I would always want to tell them there time was coming! Ha!

Perfectly Imperfect said...

Girl I have seen you in real life and you are ALL belly! You look amazing!

Megan said...

You look wonderful!! I mean SO great!!

Lauren said...

You look fantastic, girl!!!!!!!!!!! :)

Clemson Girl said...

People aren't fibbing when they say you're all belly. it is the truth! You look fab in your boots.:)

Karah said...

Seriously you are so BEAUTIFUL pregnant. I love your little bump and yes I mean little. Hope your doing well. Love you friend :)

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