Monday, October 4, 2010

Things that are exciting!

I interrupt our final day in New York recap (I know you're getting tired of them, but I have to and love to record them here on our online scrapbook ;)) and a very exciting end, oooooh, it includes a lil some'em some'em from Tiffany's :) bring you the first edition of exciting things:

[1] The boys and I are tagging along with Hubby on another business trip to Charleston, SC this week!! And the boys and I will probably get to visit with some of our wonderful, sweet, fun, southern friends!! Erin, Anne, Perfectly Imperfect, and maybe Brittany Ann! Yay! We're so excited!! It's going to be a really intense trip for Hubby, so I'm going to try and have our little circus be as least obtrusive as possible :-). He could have had short, calm, quiet, flying travel and (long) work days, but instead he's letting us come, he's so good to us! :)

[2] My incredibly sweet blog, now real life (more on that soon!:)), friend Karah was SO sweet and sent us a gift for Littlest!! It's Littlest's first full lil outfit and it is absolutely adorable!! Thank you so much Karah, you are so sweet and thoughtful!!!


[3] I won this little hat (for $4) at a silent auction at MOPS on Friday! :) It was my first purchase for Littlest and my first MOPS meeting at our new church! It's 1st and 3rd Fridays at 9:30am :) I am really excited about it, for the boys and for me! They get to hang out with friends their age in their classes and I get to fellowship and learn with the girls!


[4] We just had new neighbors move in next to/behind us......... they are around our age! With one little boy just older than BabyBoy and a lil girl who is 4 months old! Yay!! We took a little walk (at the end of our fam walk) with them last week and had a great time! Some of you know we've been praying for more good friends who live near our new house. I've been hurt by some old friends or "friends" which added to me feeling a little isolated, especially while I was sick with Littlest. We have some wonderful friends here so far, and have met some great new friends as well. And some other new friends from church just a couple streets over! I am so thankful to be feeling better now, so I and we can start hanging out again and continuing to deepen new and old friendships. We love our friends!

[5] I was craving Chili's chips and salsa last week and ended up picking some up on my way home from running some errands for Hubby and I to munch while watching our shows that night. :) The girl handed me a huge bag filled with 2 bags of chips and 3 cups of salsa! I looked at the ticket and she had given me a "free refill." I thought that was SO nice and thoughtful! and yummy! ;-)

[6] We gave the babies'/guest bathroom a big makeover! Which included painting the vanity! Pics to come soon!! I'm so excited about it! :)

I hope you've had some exciting things lately too! Little or big, it's great to find anything exciting, even if it, at first, seems ordinary! :)


Lauren said...

Aw, yay for #1.... and that outfit is too precious!!!! :)

Karah said...

I hope yall have a fun trip to Charleston and yay for new friends :)

Lauren said...

OH how precious! Have a fabulous trip to Charleston & can't wait to see the pics of Littlest's nursery!

Karen said...

I love your item #4, such a sweet comment about friends. We moved into a family friendly neighborhood recently too and I pretty feel the same way as you do when we realize new neighbors are our age and have young babies/children. I hope everything works out with them! Have a great time in SC!


THE Stephanie said...

Yay for new neighbors! I just met some neighbors last night that will be a few houses down from our new house. It's always nice to have good, friendly people around.

And I can't wait to see the bathroom! We decided not to paint our bathroom cabinets since we put the house on the market so quickly, so I'm excited to see how yours turned out!

smile steady said...

Excited to see the bathroom! And don't you love surprises like the extra chips and salsa? They always seem to come at just the right time!

Perfectly Imperfect said...

That little hat is so, so cute!!!

I'm so glad you guys got some awesome new neighbors! Our neighbors right now are kind of lame, so I am praying big time that we end up with some good ones in SC. Fingers crossed!

Amber said...

LOVE that hat! And the $4 price tag! I hope y'all are having fun in SC. I've always wanted to visit Charleston. Can't wait to hear about that and the rest of the NYC trip and see how your bathroom turned out!

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