Friday, October 29, 2010

5 more exciting things!

1. Congrats to my Hubby!
Hubby received a promotion last month! He is now the Vice President of Business Development for his company! He deserved it more than I can say and his new boss said he couldn't believe it hadn't happened already. His boss also said that he knows he couldn't get him to the matching salary so he's going to try to bump him up over time. But Hubby chose to take a pay cut to come to this company years ago because he gets to work from home the majority of the time, and we decided for our family, that was WAY!!! worth it!! And we wouldn't change it for a minute!!! It is such a blessing, beyond words! Most breakfasts and lunches as a fam (and dinner), little wrestling or play outside (or diaper change, yay!) breaks, wouldn't change it! Congrats Hubby! I am such a proud wife, he is SO good at what (everything) he does!!

2. Giveaway coming soon!!!
I have the fantastic opportunity for another review AND giveaway with CSN Stores!! So get ready to win a fantastic gift certificate!! They have tons of stores devoted to everything from Dining Sets, where it's fun to look even if that's not next on our list right now, to baby, to cooking! And all of the rugs that y'all voted on and asked about in this post, are all from I also have two gorgeous end tables in my cart for our family room!! I cannot wait to click buy sometime soon I hope!

3. I won!
I won a giveaway from Sweet Simplicity last month (I think, time is running together ;))! It is the first tervis tumbler I have ever owned and Hubby and I both love it! and it's so cute! Thank you Sweet Simplicity for a fun giveaway!


4. New Friends!
We met another neighbor and her husband just up and across the street, who are our age, with two little ones (2 and 4!)! We saw the mom and littles playing outside, so we all went over to say hello and introduce ourselves. We had a great time playing and talking (her Hubby got home a little later too) and ended up impromptu having dinner together at their house! The babies had so much fun playing and we just talked and laughed for hours! So now we have two neighbors (one next door and the other a few hundred feet walk away) with two littles each, who we have a lot in common with and get along with great! And we have some other fab friends who live a few streets away, who also have two littles (what up AO :)). Such a blessing and a huge answer to prayer!!

5. Bloggy Meetups!
Last month I met up with Karah and T in the big city! Perfectly Imperfect was driving through last week and she and BG came over for the afternoon, we had so much fun (pics to come!)! This weekend I am spending a GNO with Rachel, Lis, Whitney, and Michelle and a couple other girls are going to try to make it too! I am so excited!! And I might get to see Shabby Princess this weekend too! :)

Afternoon with Karah and T!

I was able to meet up with some new fabulous friends in the big city last month! We had such a fun afternoon! Seriously, these girls are SO sweet, you know the friends who you just feel comfortable with right away and like you've known for so long. These are them! :) And they were so good with the boys, the boys had so much fun!! It was the first time I drove into the city by myself in so long (since I gigged with my string quartet!), annnnnd first time there with just me and the littles. And I did good! After we had to say goodbye, I found my parking garage and car on my first try! I was very excited, even with pregnancy brain, I did it! ;-)

excuse my total goofball cheese smile ;) I was having so much fun :)

BabyBoy wanted to take some pics at lunch too :) I think this pic he took of Karah and T is so cute!


Karah, me, and the boys :) We didn't get a pic of just me and T... next time!


Our final stop was Georgetown Bakery from the show DC Cupcakes on TLC!


I hope you have a fabulous day!!


Randall @ Happy For This Moment said...

Congrats to your husband on his promotion, that's exciting!

Happiness Is... said...

Jealous of your neighbor friends! Those are the best :)

Rachel said...

Congrats to E on that promotion!!

Can't wait to see you TOMORROW :)

Sweet Simplicity said...

I'm so glad you all like the tervis tumbler! I love mine! Congrats to your hubs!

Sarah @Newlywed and Decorating said...

I used to work in Georgetown! Love it! Next time try the cupcakes at Baked and Wired! They're even better :)

Becca said...

aw bloggy meet-ups are just so fun right?! and congrats to your hubby!

Amber said...

Congrats to your man! I know you're proud.

Tervis tumblers are the best ever. End of story.

Looks like you've had some fun times with friends lately... those are the best too! :-)

Whitney said...

I'm excited for you and all the AWESOME things going on in your life right now. The Lord is pouring out His blessings on you. It's great to watch.

Lauren said...

Congrats to your hubby, and so wonderful!!!! And YAY for getting to meet up with friends. Wish I could have joined y'all. Would love to meet you and Karah!!!!!

Newlywed Next Door said...

Congrats to hubby! That is HUGE!

The Shabby Princess said...

So glad you are meeting new friends in your neighborhood--we still haven't mastered that yet. Sads.

And I'm so, so, so sorry that our weekend meet up didn't go as planned. It took 3 hours to get back to DC from the race. Ahem. Not my happiest moments for sure.

But! But! But! We're planning a trip for the spring, so, we'll need to get together then, k??

Oh, and, congrats to your hubby! That is AWESOME! YAYAYAYAY!


5th Belle Avenue said...

Congrats to your hubby!!

The Pink Chick said...

Yay and congratulations to your hubby on his promotion! How exciting!

Oh and I am totally jealous of your cupcakes! I have been thinking about vacationing in the area just to visit the cupcake shop! :) They look delicious!

Brittany said...

Those cupcakes look delish! I hope to visit that bakery someday!

Virginia Belle said...

Congratulations to your Hubby on his promotion! That is so exciting! I have a hard time ever leaving Georgetown without at least 3 Georgetown Cupcakes. They are amazing!

Perfectly Imperfect said...

Congrats again to your hubs!!

And I love bloggy meetups! So glad we could do it. We'll have to do it again soon!

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