Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Pink or Blue for #3??? (and Baby Bump Pics :))

Ok, that didn't rhyme. :) How about: We're full of glee, will it be pink or blue for #3?? We are due to find out Littlest's gender in one week!!! August 23rd at 9:30am (EST)!

We are so excited!!! We can't wait to find out, we need to plan! haha. Cliche or not, we will be ecstatic whether Littlest is a boy OR a girl. A little tired already just thinking about three under the age of four ;), but ecstatic! A healthy Littlest is first on our list of course, especially with what we've been through with past pregnancies!

A boy??
I won't be able to help giggling if Littlest is a boy, I will be even more outnumbered. But to see all of the boys grow up together, see them continue to adore and look up to each other, teach each other, ask where the others are if they're not in the same room, they are so sweet! Yeeees, there is, and will be, mischief and roughery, competition, a lot of wrestling, but even more love and support. We LOVE hearing BabyBoy say, "Good job Little! ... Good job saying dada, Little! ... He's standing by his-self! ... He's walking! He's doing it all by his-self!" "Yaaaay!" Yeees, sometimes BabyBoy takes his toys (most of the time he gives them back and says, "When Little is all done playing with that toy, then I can play with it." :)) and occasionally he's a little rough, but he loves his baby.

A girl??
If Littlest is a girl, I will be giggling too. We'll stock up on bows, sweet tiny dresses, plenty of pink, and I'll dream about the days when we'll go shopping together and cook together (the boys cook too! and tolerate a little shopping :)), all of the things that my Mom and I enjoy doing together. I love how Jennifer put it when she wrote before they found out the gender of their newest little, I would love to see her big bros be her protectors.

And most of all, we pray for wisdom pretty much every day to raise our littles to be Godly boys and men (and women of God if we are blessed with a baby girl).

Baby Bump Pics: 16 Weeks: Going out for a GNO :)


17 1/2 Weeks: Going out for a day-date with the Hubs :)


18 Weeks - Please excuse the hair and overall look, I wasn't feeling the best that day :) but things are not always "perfect" right? ;) And you cannot compare me to other preggies on their first or second preg, or other third and forths that look incredible, ha.



We're 19 weeks today!! Pic to come, I am in sweats and t-shirt right now, you don't want to see that ;)

Your turn to guess: What do you think Littlest is going to be??? Here are some Old Wives' Tales facts that might help or be completely irrelevant in your guessing abilities! :)

The String Test: When I've done it: mostly circle: GIRL When Hubby's done it: mostly straight line: BOY
Cravings: a mix of salty and sweet at different times ;) and meat :) : BOY and GIRL
Carrying: I've carried high each preggy: BOY edited: oops that's GIRL
Weight: I feel "wider" and that I've gained more weight in my face (legs and... bottom) this preggy: GIRL
Fetal Heartbeat: 16 wks 134: BOY
Acne: especially early on, throughout the first trimester, I was fighting my 15 year old face ;) : GIRL
ETA: (thanks Randall@HFTM): Chinese Calendar: GIRL ETA again: some versions say BOY!

BabyBoy has been set from the day he found out he was going to have another baby, that it's a "Baby sister" "A girl" :) (and we had never used those terms :)) My guess at the beginning was boy, then felt more girl, and now I can't choose! I felt like a lot of "girl" symptoms but the heartbeat is throwing me off. :) Hubby says girl, although he just said deep down thinks it's a boy. We are not helping your guessing, haha.

So what's your guess? :)

p.s. thank you and bless you if you read to the end of this post! I am trying not to make my posts too long ;-)


Randall @ Happy For This Moment said...

What does the Chinese calendar say? I vote girl!

Anonymous said...

what!?!@!! did I know this? YAYAYAYZYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAY!!!!! Congratulations!

Tara Gibson said...

you are SOOO cute preggo! I think its a girl : )

Lauren said...

Congrats! You look great and I think it's a girl as well :)

Lora Lynn @ Vitafamiliae said...

girl. maybe...

The Shabby Princess said...

A. You are DARLING! B. I'm obsessed with your (and Erin's!) furniture, so pretty. C. I vote girl--mainly because, you need a girl! Ha!

But, obviously, boy or girl, it's a huge blessing and you are an amazing mother and wife and will be an amazing mother to THREE sweet babes.

Lauren said...

You look fabulous!!!!

I am secretly hoping girl but have a feeling boy!!!

PinkSass said...

You look so great. Love the white jeans so much.

Since I want a girl I hope you have a girl. ha!

The Farmer Files said...

My guess is...healthy baby!!!! No idea on pink or blue. None. All three of my pregnancies were very different, all boys. All heartbeats were in the low 140s. I was a different shape w each one.

Joelle said...

i am guessing boy!

Karah said...

yay for getting to find out next week. I VOTE GIRL!!! Im sending girl vibes your way. :)

Blue-Eyed Bride said...

I'm going to say girl just because I think you need someone on TEAM GIRL! :) haha but i know you have perfect boys, so how can it be wrong either way? :) so excited for you to find out!

A Southern Accent said...

You look awesome! Of course, I love boys, but I think you need a little bit of pink in that house! ;-)

Lauren said...

You're so adorable! I'm gonna go with a need someone to help you stand up to all those ucky boys! Can't wait to hear!

Jen Clark said...

You are so good about taking pictures of your belly, I am not at all!

I'm going to guess it's girl!

~Mrs. Guru~ said...

I can not wait to hear what you guys are having!

Brittany Ann said...

I say Girl! But you'd be the cutest momma of three boys, too!

Nikki said...

I'm going to guess boy.

Perfectly Imperfect said...

I'm hoping you have a girl for some pink in your life!! But.. I think it's a boy! I always thought it would be cool to be the Mom of all boys so I think you will have it made either way!

Amber said...

You are just the cutest pregnant lady :-) I'm guessing girl! xoxo

Rachel said...

I vote for another boy :)

THE Stephanie said...

LOVE your necklace in those last pics! So cute!!

The Pink Chick said...

You look so great! Your baby bump is precious!!!

AO said...

Thinking pink!!

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