Friday, August 27, 2010

House Project: The Kitchen!

We're trying to finish up some other little home projects and reorganizing before we start... the kitchen!

Don't you love the kitchen? We spend so much time in there or looking at it or around it. I don't know about you, but I would love to have a more dreamy, inspiring, fresh, updated looking kitchen without spending tons of money.

Ok, I'm going to say a little phrase that is going to make some of you cringe, and some of you say, go for it! Painting cabinets... ahhh!

Hubby and I used to be completely against painting kitchen cabinets (or anything wood). Then over the past several years we kept seeing pictures of beautiful antique white or white cabinets (etc.) with fabulous new hardware that just makes for a beautiful clean and classic kitchen. Especially when we don't love our cabinets!

{Our current kitchen. The picture actually makes them appear nicer than they are in person ;)}

Now picture it with fresh cabinets! Oooh ahhhh, right? right? ;) So the question we're debating is: antique white or white white?!

{just a couple quick ideas: through google images}

{bronze hardware, painted inside of cabinets}


{couple hardware ideas}

First thought was antique white with bronze hardware, because it's pretty. Then we got an estimate for refacing just to compare and see if that was a possibility instead of doing it ourselves, the answer is nope! Doing it ourselves :). BUT we saw a white vs. antique white cabinet next to our countertop and it seemed like the white really popped nicely against it and pulled out the white specks of the countertop more too. And we have or will have all stainless appliances or stainless w/ some black.

{Our countertops, they are greenish/gray with black and white specks.}


We also have an open floor plan, so you can also see the family room (and the dining room) from the kitchen so we want to make sure that the styles align and are fluent from one room to the next.

{Our current pretty nakey family room, still needing lots of love. Also thinking about painting the brick white?? or moving the mantel down, and mounting the tv up there so it won't be too high, and putting up a new white pretty mantel that also comes down and around to box the fireplace.........}

And I would love to put in a tile backsplash! It was Newlyweds Next Door that really inspired me to want to do it! Hers look great! and Hubby loves the idea too. Hubby will also do the flooring too (it's old and vinyl), at some point! :) It's all going to take time but we'll save a lot by doing it ourselves :)

So here are the questions:

[1] Antique white cabinets with bronze/antique bronze hardware?
[2] White cabinets with chrome/nickel/stainless hardware?
[3] What color backsplash?
[4] Have you ever painted your cabinets?? Any tips?? We've read some different things online but would love hear from you!

Ready, set, what do you think! :)


Michelle said...

I'll have to share before & after pictures of our little kitchen. We painted our cabinets. It was cheaper than replacing or refacing them.

THE Stephanie said...

Oh, yes!! Totally paint the cabinets!! (Not b/c they look bad, but b/c everyone else who does it, it look so good!! LOL)

We're going to paint our bathroom cabinets. Then I may think about the kitchen, but I'm breaking myself in with the bathroom first. LOL

I never done it, but have a lengthy list of tutorials that I've found online. I've been researching... :)

Nikki said...

I personally like white/with nickel or chrome.

I would also paint the brick and more the TV. It will totally change the feel of your room. We have our TV above the fireplace and it is the best thing we ever did.

When you paint the cabinets make sure to use a good primer. Don't skip that step.

Gooch Family said...

I have no clue on the kitchen, that would scare me to do anything myself, ha! But I like your idea of putting the TV above the fireplace and moving the mantel down. Then maybe move the littler couch to the other side where the clock is? But its hard to tell in a picture. It just such a big wall to work with. I feel you need a bigger clock for that wall, but I do know that you are working on that wall like you've said in previous posts. :) So either a big entertainment center, or move the TV above the FP. Can't wait to see what you decide with the kitchen! I lvoe seeing updates.

The Shabby Princess said...

OK, here's my two cents:
Go for painting the cabinets--it will look great! Ours are kind of a creamy white--not stark white, and not antique white, so, I don't know what term to use! It's nice because it's bright and clean, but, not such a bright stark white--and also, it kind of hides stuff better than white-white. Our hardware is brushed chrome and we love it.

Yes, love Newlyweds Next Door's backsplash! If you want to keep is cohesive to blend with the family room, you could do a ligher color (beige-ish) backsplash--it would still work with your granite.

Ha, this is a total novel, but, our kitchen kind of has the same situation as yours and we have a beige backsplash with white-ish cabinets and it works! I'll send you some pictures if you want!

Anonymous said...

I think white or off white would look great, but if you are thinking of painting the brick one color I would stick in the same neighborhood with the cabinet color so the rooms would tie together nicely. But I am nooooo decorator. haha!

I can not wait to see your progress! hope you have a great weekend! xoxo

Newlywed Next Door said...

I vote white white. The Kitchen actually looks pretty great as is -- but I do also love the white look. :)

Karah said...

I say yes to painting your cabinets. I say go with white because I think the white cabinets will flow nicely with the living room. I also say paint the fireplace white. You will be amazed at the difference with just a little paint. I love the look of subway tiles for a backsplash. You have a great house!!

Erica said...

I like the white cabinets better than the antique ones. Super clean and pretty.

Please do not paint your fireplace, it is so beautiful. Brick has such a natural warmth and once you paint it, you can't undo it. But moving the mantle and mounting the tv onto it will draw some attention away from it if you're looking to tone it down a bit.

Also, to tie your rooms together, you could paint that railing between the two rooms the same color as the cabinets. It would be a nice contrast with your table.

~Mrs. Guru~ said...

Love them both!

Annie said...

i like the bright white!! i think the first pic is my fave!! i would use it for inspiration! i also think it would flow perfect with your living room!
i've never painted cabinets before but we plan to paint our bathroom cabinet sometime soon, i'll be doing before and after pics whenever the project comes along ;)

hope all is well pretty momma!!!

Mrs. Classic said...

Love the white! I also LOVE painted white brick!

daniella said...

You got a table, YEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I still vote for the white cabinets :-)

feedingmypickyeaters said...

I think I would go with white. I have the same color you do and I plan to paint mine in the spring.

Sweet Simplicity said...

I'm in love with the white options!

Lauren said...

I am loooooving the white. It is going to look so GREAT!!!!! :)

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