Thursday, August 26, 2010

Getting to knoooow you...

First of all, thank you so much for your comments on our Pink or Blue revealed post! We are so excited, I don't even know where to start!! I almost posted the pic confirming that Littlest is a girl, but Hubby said NO thank you. He's already upset she didn't have a shirt on in the sono pics!! He's already so overprotective, he doesn't know what to do with himself! He's thinking way into the future already but is glad that she will have *the best* big brothers to help protect her :-).

Now for the title of this post, sing it! Some random fun, some of these things many of you know, though new readers may not, so here we go, 8 NCF Facts!

[1] I love food. Ok, that isn't new. Sushi is my favorite food. Favorite! I love sweets. Pretty much taught my body to want something sweet after almost very meal. Yikes! :) Junior mints, Whoppers, Boston cream pie, Frostys, Reese's Peanut Butter Cup Blizzards, Chocolate Moose Tracks ice cream, sour patch kids...& many more ;)

[2] My biggest insecurity is essentially fear of rejection. I am always afraid that people don't like me, that I'm not funny enough, witty enough, that I might say something wrong, don't wear fashionable enough clothes (I am not a designer girl, I'm a try to look fashionable with look a like clothing, and sometimes/a lot that just doesn't happen :)), the list goes on. I love people and want to be friends with everybody. Ok, almost everybody :) there are some weird people out there. I realize that I have been judgmental and try not to be because I don't want peeps to judge me. I will be honest and say that blogland and tweetland have exacerbated my insecurity at times, but alas, the positives outway, and sometimes I just need to take a little break, make sure my head and heart are in the right place (focused on God and my family) and then dive back in. I love people and LOVE friends, I easily trust until that is broken and then I get hurt easily. And I withdraw when I get hurt. It's a bummer sometimes. I actually get upset at myself for being so sensitive. It's quite the convo with myself. ;)

[3] If I had to choose a favorite singer it would be Celine Dion, which I have gotten made fun of for. :) My Dad's side of the fam have always been fans and the more I heard the more I loved. Yes, My Heart Will Go On was grossly overplayed and dramatic with all the chest beating :). But her voice is amazing and even more ah-azing in person! (We've been to two of her concerts, one in Vegas a couple years ago :)). Can I get a whatwhat, I know there are fellow Celine fans out there!


[4] Our first dance was to Have You Ever Been In Love by Celine and we had The Prayer during our ceremony, performed by a National Symphony Orchestra violinist (my former private instructor), another violinist friend/fellow performer, and awesome pianist friend), so pretty.

[5] Loud chewing makes me want to pull my hair out. And since I have decided that I am a long hair girl and will never (pretty sure) chop my hair again, this isn't a good combo. I can't pull off short hair like a lot of y'all do!

[6] It drives me crazy when the sheets and blankets get all out of whack on our bed. One is way over here, one bunched up over there, you try to pull them up to the same place, snuggly on your neck, at the same time and they aren't together, nice and symmetrical, ahh. Just me? Little OCD? Ok :)

[7] My Hubby's current man crush is... Don Draper from Mad Men. From friends' recommendations we added it to our Netflix queue. We finished Season 1 last week and just started Season 2 last night! Addicting! While it's a bit scandalous and we almost stopped watching after a couple eps, the characters, time period, plots, very intriguing, and addicting.


[8] We are hooked on HGTV. The property shows, fixer upper shows (some are a little annoying, but most are fun), the design shows. We've been really enjoying watching David Bromstad from Color Splash. We might not always agree on all of his design choices but he is so entertaining, and we LOVE color in a home. Have you seen him sketch or paint? He is talented.


***Everything you read on this blog is real and true. I try to stay positive on our blog, not only because those are the wonderful memories we want to chronicle, but because I am not a fan when people are negative all the time. It brings me down! And then I feel like I need to be negative to be supportive. Real is one thing, and circumstances and situations happen, and those are real and very important, but not to be negative all the time. There are things and times I have wanted to blog about but haven't for reasons (that frustrate me :)), but that is going to change, because there are times I want to share my deeeeeep heart more, and I love the support network that everyone has created here in blogland, and so I will, without being cry cry. :) But nonetheless, all of the smiles you see in the posts are genuine, even if we occasionally bribe BabyBoy with a special treat for smiling in a pic, he genuinely wants that special treat. ;-) jk, we do try to smile and enjoy life as much as we can! It is easy to get stressed but we try to remember daily how blessed we are. ***

You with me on any of these? Or want to say hello and share a fun you fact... for fun? :)


Sarah said...

Just wait until he sees that sweet baby girl :) he will just melt!! :) I am the exact same way with 1, 2, 6!!! :) Happy Thursday!

Heather said...

Um, I love Celine too and in my mind I sing just like her! ha! I have the same fear of rejection, I think a lot of women deal with it. I dunno know though! I loved reading these friend!!

Erica said...

I love your real disclaimer! I agree with you. It is so tiresome to be around negative people.

Congratulations on your precious baby girl! I can't wait to see what kind of fancy things you come up with for her.

Erica said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Karah said...

I love Celine Dion and I am so jealous you have seen her in concert twice! Love this post and I hope we get to meet soon. :)

5th Belle Avenue said...

We just finished MadMen on Netflix too! It sucks you in, but my husband and I laugh because after each episode we're like, did anything even really happen? The storyline is so SLOW, but still good.

THE Stephanie said...

OMG girl! I was just thinking this morning, as I was trying to straighten the covers/sheets on my bed that I need to blog about it. LOL. I seriously can not stand it when they are not straight and taught! I with you on this one! :)

The Shabby Princess said...

"Getting to know all about you..." You just made me so happy! I was going to title a post the exact same thing--so funny! My babysitter when I was younger used to sing that song to me all the time. Ahh, happy memories!

OK, I can't stand when the sheets/blankets get all funky either. And my husband is a serial mover/kicker/position changer when he sleeps, so, everything is always messed up--I usually end up attempting to make the bed aroun 3AM while he's asleep because I can't sleep! AHHH!

And, I'm obsessed with HGTV too! And LOVE Color Splash!

Lauren said...

Girl, we need to go on a sushi date. It is my ALL TIME favorite food. And seriously, it was like you took the words right out of my mouth on #2. I struggle with the same thing. I just love your heart :) PS: LOVE LOVE LOVE Celine Dion!!!!

Anonymous said...

What a great post!! I understand you perfectly on #s 2 and 6. The sheets and blanket have to line up perfectly at the top, every night! As far as the fear of rejection: I'm amazed at how common it is among women. It always reminds me how important it is that we build each other up and support one another when we can. Thanks for the insight!

Brittany Ann said...

I love Celine, too! And I'm not ashamed!

Melissa said...

I love Celine Dion too!! Always have, always will. :) We watch HGTV 24 hours a day too. I love getting ideas!!

Newlywed Next Door said...

AHHHHH I missed the Gender Reveal post!! YAY for a lil girl!!! So happy for you!

Thanks for the congrats on the promo! :)

And I love that we're in lock-step watching Mad Men with our hubbies. Love that show.

Perfectly Imperfect said...

I've said it before but I'll say it again, we need to meet up for a sushi date! It's also my fave food.

And just wait til you see your hubs with her. It is overwhelming the spell a little girl can cast on her Daddy.. =)

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