Thursday, August 12, 2010

Family Room Makeover - Just the Beginning!

Thanks for your comments on my last post! They're just little additions to start pulling rooms together, and make the house feel even more like a home, there is still so much to do! I love that shelf near the front door, anybody?? :) I know the living room still needs... a lot, but it has furniture in it now! ;)

So this is just the beginning to our family room makeover. The new couch set! This has been a long time in the making. Furniture shopping is difficult stuff! To find the right pieces for the right deal, phew! The room still needs a lot of love to be completed but this is a fantastic start!

Now before I show you the new digs, friends, I have to tell you, our family room is confused! The layout is funny because of the fireplace and tv, there is more than one focal point. We need help! Ok, I'll show you the room and then some super quick options! :)

We wanted a classic, tan, couch and loveseat that we could splash with color by changing out the pillows. We were only going to get a couch and loveseat, then get a patterned accent chair but the whole set ended up being a clearanced floor model, annnd I talked the manager down even more on the price! ;-) (our set is almost identical to a couch a friend has, wink wink friend, now we're furniture twins ;) she helped us finally decide on it!) The side tables are hand me downs, little lamps from Walmart, clock sale from Kohl's, canvas over fireplace Pier 1, candle holders on mantle, old :), and yes the plants are fake, I do not have time to keep real ones alive! :)






Options to combat nakey walls and funny room layout!

Option 1: Tasteful, not ginormous, picture wall on back wall (sort of) around clock with console table or buffet on wall underneath.

Option 2: Move the tv over the fireplace, buuuut, move the mantel down and build a new fab white mantel (and white box to frame out the fireplace), so you don't have to look so high for the tv.

Option 3: If we move the tv over the fireplace, move the loveseat against the back wall, the chair to where the loveseat is and... then I'm not sure what would fill the empty space in the corners! :)

We definitely need a new area rug! I'd love to get a pretty and not overdone statement rug to add the pop of accent color. Should we continue orange as an accent color? Orange and blue (the walls) look good together. Should we add another splash and have two accent colors? And should we add anything else, two big pieces of art?, on the wall with the big mirror? Or change the color of the mirror? Antique bronze to match couch rivets, black, white? Help! and Thank you! :-)


A Southern Accent said...

OK, if it were me, I'd first knock out that mini railing between the table and the den. Open it up. I'd move the TV to the big blue wall in the back and find an old dresser on Craig's List to paint brown and put it on that. Then I'd bring the couch, chair and loveseat into the room more to make it more cozy - furniture doesn't have to sit right next to the walls. You could put the chair off the side of the brick fireplace (which I would paint white to brighten up the room a bit) and buy some fun, bright pillows from Pier One for the couch, chair and loveseat. Go to HomeGoods and buy Bigger lamps for the end tables - cost you about $30 a pop, but so worth it. You have big furniture, so you need big lighting to match. Coffee table would negate the need for a new rug, just sit it in the middle - nothing clunky, something with clean lines and maybe glass to keep the space open, but again makes it more cozy. I'm gonna play with it some and e-mail you a pic!

Karah said...

Love the new furniture. I definitely think you need an area rug with a splash of color and put the tv over the mantle. It would look good and then you can have just one focal point. Your doing great at decorating. It always takes time!

The Shabby Princess said...

Ohh, I like what A Southern Accent said! My furniture is not up against the walls in our house, that's just the way it worked best in our living room and i really like it.

That said, I could also see a console table with some art or a mirror on that wall where the clock is.

Love the colors, LOVE the sofa set (where did you get it?)--and how did you talk the manager down on price? Please, give me tips!

Charlotte said...

love it! i love blue and tan!!!! my walls are all tan and so it my furniture so ive been trying to add blue into it!!! it looks great!!

Casa Cannon said...

looks great! i have no advice, but it looks good!

Heather said...

I love what you have done so far, the color on the wall is great!! I think an area rug and a table in the middle would look great! I see lots of family rooms have one wall kind of devoted to pics of their family. Some of all of you, just the two of you, just the kids, show your family off!! I love the new furniture!!

Lauren said...

I know whatever you come up with it’s going to be fabulous and I’d continue with the orange!! :)

NINA said...

Love the idea of adding more orange. I think a picture wall surrounding the clock with buffet / sofa table underneath would be fantastic. And I'm obsessing over your couch set! Love it!

Perfectly Imperfect said...

I think you should put the tv above the fireplace and the love seat on that well. Then maybe get a corner bookshelf or something...

We're working on redoing our house as well at the moment. I'm excited to see what you come up with!

Karen said...

I like the idea of removing the railing, or at least paint it white to tie in the crown molding. I would then also mount the TV and bring down the mantel and paint that white to also tie in. We have our TV above our mantel and DH had our builders build the mantel lower to accomodate for our TV. Our mantel is also white. I have pictures of our great room in my blog if you want to check it out.

I love everything you have done so far!!


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Lindsey said...

Love the new furniture! So classy and looks so comfy!

Ashley said...

I agree with Southern Accent. Take down the railing, tv on big blank wall on a long low dresser or something. I am a fan of tv's mounted on walls and fireplaces, but then you have to consider all of the cords and wires and I never know how that will all work. That's just my opinion because I hate seeing cords and wires! :) Then you could move the big couch so that it is facing the tv, perpendicular to the right of the fireplace (kind of in the middle of the room), and move the loveseat to where the couch is currently, it would definitely make it more cozy in there. I'm not sure where the chair and ottoman would fit in, only because it's difficult to tell how much room would be where without actually moving stuff. You could get a log low table for behind the sofa, since you would be seeing that now. I love redecorating, and I can't wait to see what you guys ultimately decide!

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