Thursday, July 22, 2010

we're entering 2010 :)

We still have analog basic basic cable, no DVR (yikes :)), and we still have our pairs of rollerblades somewhere!, but we just signed up last night for... Netflix!

It is as if a whole new world of broadcasting, cinematic, chillaxin' on the couch together, snackin' snacks, get the ice cream bowls ready, entertainment has been opened up to us. There are so many movies, shows, and TV series, we'd love to see.

You see, chillaxin' together in the evenings is our main source of entertainment these days. :) Sad? Maybe. Relaxing while still being able chat and laugh together. Yes!

So we've heard Mad Men and Dexter* are good... and we're caught up to season 4 of Friday Night Lights already! Thanks for the rec Rachel!... have you seen them? And there is an overwhelming plethora of movies we haven't seen! Comedy, drama, romantic comedy, all of 'em (except horror, we don't do horror).

Do you have Netflix? Have you seen anything good lately? What should we put in our brand new queue???

ETA: and even though we won't have to go out to get a movie or show now, "we" (err Hubby :)) will still make the occasional Frosty or ice cream (or Dairy Queen if it were closer) run before we start watching your recommendations! :)

*We started to watch an episode of Dexter last night, and it was a liiiiiittle much for right before bed ;) I'm not really fond of gouryness :) Should we try again and keep watching?


AndreaLeigh said...

I was really turned off by the first few eps of Dexter (I actually had nightmares) but we stuck with it and now I LOVE it!

daniella said...

Mad Men! My favorite.

You should whip out your pink sponge rollers while you're at it and have perfectly curled hair (after a couple of hours of brushing it!) in the morning.

Sweet Simplicity said...

We have basic cable and are using Netflix this summer to get us through. I have been watching Glee. I LOVE it!! Do you all have a Wii or playstation, etc? If so, Netflix will send you a disc that you can use in combination with the internet and you can watch shows instantly. We have been watching The Tudors. It's a pretty intense show and not one for the little ones. :)

Anonymous said...

The Blind Side is a great movie! Best movie of all time and it's based on a true story.

We like The Big Bang Theory tv series and of course Private Practice and Grey's Anatomy. :)

THE Stephanie said...

My favorite these days is ALIAS. Did you watch that series when it was on? I'm watching the whole thing, from the 1st season. It was my FAV!!!

~Mrs. Guru~ said...

We have Netflix and I love it!

Tillie said...

Love netflix! There are so many awesome shows you can watch! We are watching Grey's Anatomy Season 5 right now...

Megan said...

We just got Netflix this summer and we LOVE it!

Rachel said...

You will looooove it! We don't have cable but Netflix kind of makes up for it. It's worth the $14.99 each month!

Ashley said...

We just got Netflix too! It's so great. If you have a playstation or wii, you can get something from Netflix that allows you to watch some shows and movies instantly. You may already know/do this. Or if you have a blu-ray that has wireless internet, that's what we do. I've been watching Lost and I love it!

The Pink Chick said...

I just signed up for Netflix too! So far so good! Of course my husband hates it because I have been watching chick flicks for about two weeks now! :)

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