Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Baby Bump - 14 Weeks

We're almost 16 weeks now and will get to find out Littlest's gender in about a month!! We can't wait! I have been itching to know, right now! :-) Will I be outnumbered by sweet rambunctious boys even more? :) or will we need to redecorate the nursery for a little baby girl??

Here is the 14 week bump :) I feel like I look goofy in this pic, but I love what it's all about!! Our littles and I could not be surrounded by a more incredible husband and daddy!


We are in love already! I've felt Littlest move from about 12/13 weeks, little flutters and even some little kicks now, and it just makes it all even more real. BabyBoy kisses and snuggles my belly and says, "Nightnight Littlest!" or, "Hi Littlest!" and our hearts melt, every time. And Little just tries to climb my belly, hehe, little climber :).


Sunday, July 25, 2010

Have you ever felt like...

...you were just on a hidden camera show, like Candid Camera, Punk'd, Boiling Points, or TV's Bloopers and Practical Jokes??

Either in your home, or somewhere out in public, during a shopping trip, or eating out at a restaurant.

Well yesterday, that was us! We had a contractor come to our house to give us an estimate for some work, to see if we wanted to do it ourselves or if it was worth it to have someone else do the job. Here is how this seemingly normal situation played out :)...

First, the contractor got lost, after already being late, called Hubby and had him on the phone giving step-by-step directions for about 20 minutes, until he all but pulled into our driveway. When he arrived, the chit-chatting and talking began :), but he didn't want to talk about the job, at all, until both Hubby and I were in the room, and Hubby was taking BabyBoy potty. So as we stood there waiting, the contractor asked if he could use the restroom because he'd been in the car for so long, no problem, but Hubby and BabyBoy were in the downstairs bathroom, and the contractor couldn't wait, so he asked if he could go upstairs! While going upstairs, the chatting continued, then after he came back downstairs, before he could begin his shpeal, he asked for a glass of ice water because he parched, no problem! He proceeded to ask for three refills and was unable to talk in between sips of water, so we, no joke, I couldn't make this up, had to wait, just standing/sitting there awkwardly, until after he drank each entire glass of water, before he could continue to talk about the job. ha! He chatted and talked about random things for forever, even though we tried to talk about the job :). He finally discussed the work, drew up an estimate, then went outside to make a phone call home, came back in, and as we were finishing up, he asked if we had any ibuprofen because he was starting to get a headache, and of course we kindly obliged!

We couldn't help from smiling at different points at the amount of time he was here (and talking :)), because one thing right after another, it kept getting more silly. When he went outside to make his phone call, we couldn't help but laugh, and I said to Hubby, we have to be on Candid Camera! :)

Have you ever felt like you've been on a hidden camera show??

Thursday, July 22, 2010

we're entering 2010 :)

We still have analog basic basic cable, no DVR (yikes :)), and we still have our pairs of rollerblades somewhere!, but we just signed up last night for... Netflix!

It is as if a whole new world of broadcasting, cinematic, chillaxin' on the couch together, snackin' snacks, get the ice cream bowls ready, entertainment has been opened up to us. There are so many movies, shows, and TV series, we'd love to see.

You see, chillaxin' together in the evenings is our main source of entertainment these days. :) Sad? Maybe. Relaxing while still being able chat and laugh together. Yes!

So we've heard Mad Men and Dexter* are good... and we're caught up to season 4 of Friday Night Lights already! Thanks for the rec Rachel!... have you seen them? And there is an overwhelming plethora of movies we haven't seen! Comedy, drama, romantic comedy, all of 'em (except horror, we don't do horror).

Do you have Netflix? Have you seen anything good lately? What should we put in our brand new queue???

ETA: and even though we won't have to go out to get a movie or show now, "we" (err Hubby :)) will still make the occasional Frosty or ice cream (or Dairy Queen if it were closer) run before we start watching your recommendations! :)

*We started to watch an episode of Dexter last night, and it was a liiiiiittle much for right before bed ;) I'm not really fond of gouryness :) Should we try again and keep watching?

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Vacay Preview Pics!

Hi friends and fam!! We're back from a week at the beach with Hubby's family and a wonderful visit with our fabulous friends, BlueEyedBride and fam.

Here are some sneak peak pics! :)

(ETA: it was reeeeeally windy the day we took our family pics! :))



ETA: the boys were SO cute and it was impossible to get a posed pic of all them :)


More pics and recaps to come! I hope ya'll are doing great!!!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

what we've been up to!

Hi friends and fam! I'm so behind!!! On you, on us! Here's a few things we've been up to, don't laugh at how far behind I am ;)

Father's Day!
You know I think that Hubby is the most incredible Daddy. More amazing than I could have ever imagined. The boys are so blessed, they don't even know it yet! (the guitar on the bag is because Daddy rocks ;))




We got him the Pulse Smartpen! Hubs is a combo of a note-taking guy and a computer guy, but sometimes in meetings he doesn't want to pull out his laptop and make anyone feel uncomfortable, so "we" ;) thought it would be the perfect gift for him. So with this pen, you take notes on special paper, then you can transfer your notes to your computer. There's even a program that can turn it into digital text. Annnd there's a voice recording feature on it too. It got great reviews online and Hubby was so excited about it and really likes it so far!

A night out!
Last month, when my Mom was over one Saturday, Hubby and I decided that despite my feeling pretty yucky, we wanted to go out together! So we went to a local dinner theater and saw, Footloose. It was really fun! I couldn't really eat much, and ended up munching on cornbread (mmm) the whole show to help my upset tummy, but we had so much fun together!


We were about 9 weeks preggys :)


Fun Adventures!
Like the ice cream truck! We, all ;), get very excited when we hear it! It doesn't come by everyday and we don't get it every time, but it is so much fun to have fun little adventures like that with the boys. Fun, special, little family moments :)


Being Preggy!
The past two months have been a bit of a blur. I have still been feeling pretty icky most of the time but I am feeling so much better than I was. Ya'll know I try not to be negative, but it has honestly been a bit stressful. Hubby has been working, helping around the house like crazy, and helping take care of the boys and me! It's hard to balance all of those things while wanting to do the best at all of it. Hubby and I are both like that! My Mom has been incredible and has been coming over on Saturdays to hang with the boys and she takes wonderful care of us too! We could not have gotten through the past 2 months without her! We have been pretty housebound and haven't been able to hang out with friends much at all, but we know that will change so soon! And Littlest (and the boys) is healthy, and that is ALL that matters. I know I've said it before, but it is the truth, we are blessed beyond measure!!

This pic was taken last week around 12 weeks :) Hi Littlest!

And in other exciting news, also pictured, are my first ever pair of white jeans ;-) [Gap, Long and Lean, Maternity, 1/2 price plus 3o% off, and free shipping, woohoo, you know I love a good deal, I couldn't pass them up!]


I hope ya'll are doing great! I feel bad, and guilty, for not being able to visit your blogs and keep up with ya'll. I don't want anyone to take it personally! Thank you so much for your New York suggestions! We'd love to hear any more that you have!!! And thank you so much for the comments that you've left filling me in on fun or exciting news that I've missed, I love that! :) Xoxoxo

Thursday, July 1, 2010

For Cohen

A day of blogging silence. In loving memory.

Click Send Love to the Marshalls for more information about how you can support this amazing family.

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